Naughty Boy Jacob! 
I had a ‘first’ yesterday. After having three children in school for quite a while now, I have never been called in to discuss their behaviour at any time. Generally, all three have obligingly got on with the rules and regulations of the school environment very well. Unfortunately, my five year old was up to no good yesterday and a few cross words were exchanged. Apparently, Jacob decided to sing spontaneously in class during story time. Well, I reasoned, he is a happy little chap, there’s nothing really wrong with that. In addition, however, Jacob decided to laugh loudly and raucously when he was being ‘reprimanded’; the teacher failed to see the funny side but Jacob failed to see what the matter was! Oh well, he’s just asserting his sense of humour and it could be far worse…..I thought.

One other little thing Mrs Winchester……”Jacob is a little pre-occupied with the female staff members, in particular their breasts. He continues to look down their shirts saying ‘Have you got a new booby?’ We understand that this is obviously a repercussion of your situation, but it really is wearing a bit thin…..”

I don’t think it has anything to do with my situation. I think you better speak to his father…..

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Nutritional Content Of A Reindeer 
Hello all,
I have not posted for a couple of days because I have been and eating chocolate reindeers! Have now done all my Xmas shopping and it was Ali's birthday yesterday - I can't believe she is 11!

I went to see a nutritionist this morning. Her name is Amanda and I saw her about 18months ago when I had not long moved here and was doing about 18 classes a week. I was feeling quite tired - actually bloody exhausted - and she helped me to improve my diet and add some supplements to support my lifestyle. She really made a difference. She used to work with cancer patients and has an amazing knowledge of correct nutrition for the body. She talked about correct nutrition throughout chemo etc and really made sense when she said that cancer is just an abnormal cell multiplying more quickly than others due to various factors. I feel really positive now as she made me feel that this disease is all treatable. All I have to do is make sure my body is getting correct nutrition, let the chemo and rads do their thing then help my body to heal by resting and recovering. She also talked about alternative therapies and a positive mental attitude. To my complete horror she said I have to put on some weight - store it up because I will probably lose during chemo! I needed to quantify this so I asked if I should go for two chocolate reindeers a day, or three.

After a brief discussion about the nutritional content of a reindeer, we decided it may be more appropriate to focus on healthy carbs, lean protein and vegetables. Has anyone seen a green reindeer? Of course, dark chocolate is high in anti-oxidants so I may have to write to Lindt and request that they make a dark chocolate reindeer! So all in all it was a positive morning - it's not often that you get told you need to REST, EAT MORE and have a weekly MASSAGE! See you later, Deb x

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Transport Home From Hospital 

After my less than favourable experience at the local hospital the NHS thought they should try to make my transport home a little more comfortable. Whilst I was reasonably happy with the limousine itself, I was quite disappointed that the mini-bar only had a half bottle of Moet and some rubbish American chocolates - not a sniff of chocolate reindeers anywhere!!!!

PS Lorna! How many times have I told you that alcohol and computers do not mix!! Especially late at night....!!!

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