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Deb's Day - Jester Delivers

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Jester Delivers 

Look some people will do anything to stand out! Due to the number of people delivering dinner to me, the competition has become fierce! Ian was so desperate to make his delivery a memorable one that he even dressed up! I told him he would have been memorable without the costume.....(I have to add that he didn't cook the meal, it was another of Wendy's fabulous creations!) You don't need to send any more meals everyone, my arm is healed enough to stir now! Jono is still waiting for those prawns though Wayne; perhaps you didn't put the correct postage on?

I did actually cook for myself on Monday as I received a big box of freshly dug vegetables from Sarah's allotment. I made a delicious lentil and root vegetable stew which was extra special because of its local ingredients - thank you Sarah. You know it's only because you do Pump that you can still dig up a turnip in your condition!
Bye for now, Deb x

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Will You Bend My Spoon? 
My brothers will love this next bit! Yesterday I had an email from some lovely friends who told me that someone special they knew would like to talk to me. I emailed them my phone number and, lo and behold, last night I received a phone call from none other than Uri Geller! Yes, that would be THE Uri Geller of the bent spoons that we used to watch and wonder at all those years ago. I distinctly remember my youngest brother Cory going through every possible type of spoon in the house in an attempt to create a kink without exerting any force. In fact, most dessert spoons in our house were warped in some way as Cory was desperate to add the ‘spoon-bending’ trick to his repertoire when he was going through his ‘magician phase’ (that was before the farm boy ‘look my pet chicken will go riding with me on my handlebars’ trick). My other brother Wayne then decided that he had psychic powers and tried repeatedly to make Cory disappear, but without success. After a brief period, where Cory got lost in the supermarket regularly, Wayne decided to turn his psychic powers to more visible and spectacular effects like making Dad’s homemade ginger beer bottles pop their corks in the garage when no-one was there. Anyway, I digress………

So Uri phoned and we had a fantastic chat about the power of the mind and the importance of positive thinking. He is now a highly sought after motivational speaker travelling the world to present at various conferences and seminars and he also does a lot of charity work and work with sick children. I was very impressed by his calm and convincing manner. He seemed genuine and believable, and he said some amazing things. One of the most valuable things he told me, which I was so pleased to hear, was that I should stay happy, laugh a lot and surround myself with people who are optimistic and cheerful. So for that reason, you can only come near me if you have a joke, a chocolate reindeer or an offer of a trip to Bluewater with lunch included. (Uri didn’t specifically mention retail therapy but I feel sure he was implying that anything with a ‘feel good factor’ was an integral part of recovery from cancer.) All joking aside, it was certainly a highlight of my week to speak to such an inspirational man and I keep repeating our conversation in my head to help keep me positive.

I also had a great day at the Breast Cancer Haven in London where I learnt so much more about nutrition and reducing the ‘toxic’ load in our lives. I met some lovely people in the same situation as me and it was nice to be in a place where you know people understand exactly what you are feeling. Mum flew back to Australia yesterday so we are all missing her and wondering where the instructions for the washing machine are, as we have forgotten how to use it. I think she will be glad to get some warmth and sunshine after several weeks of rain here! Better go and listen to my relaxation tape. See you later, Deb x

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Not Quite Logical Yet 
I am just amazed at your emails and comments! With so much positive feedback and well wishes it is impossible for me to be miserable. Thank you all so much. Yesterday was a very special day for me. Since Bannatynes opened, Lorna and I have always had a quarterly launch for the latest BodyPump release. We have had such fun in the past as we usually make it a real celebration of fitness and get dressed up, often with balloons etc. Yesterday was the launch of BodyPump 64 and poor Lorna had to do the launch by herself BUT we decided I could at least do the cooldown. I still have limited mobility in my arm due to the op and am not allowed to lift weights because of the risk of lymphoedema (can’t even risk getting a mosquito bite or scratch because of infection leading to lymphoedema). So after the ab track, Lorna announced a surprise guest and I was delighted to reclaim the mic and take the class through a stretch. What a privilege it was to be where I love being the most – in front of some of the nicest people I know, talking to them about the most fulfilling of all topics. Worse than dealing with a horrible disease, for me, is being taken away from the best job in the world. Hopefully, it won’t be for too long….

And today I had a wonderful surprise. Gary and Jan came to my door with what can only be described as the ultimate chocolate lover’s gift – a huge Lindt chocolate reindeer! He is so big this reindeer that I do not know how I am going to bite his ears off! I will put a photo of him on the blog – you have to see him. I may even have a naming competition. No, forget about Rudolph… that’s far too obvious.

I am off to the Breast Cancer Haven in London tomorrow for a day of advice and ideas on dealing with BC and various alternative therapies which may help. I met with a counsellor there last week and it was very interesting. Her personal area of expertise was nutrition and I have been doing a lot of reading about this, in particular, ‘living food’. I will add more about this tomorrow as some things are becoming glaringly obvious and I think you will all relate to some of the theories about the increase of cancer and the food we eat. I have to say that I still puzzle over certain things to do with my diagnosis. I have always eaten very healthily (at least one apple and tuna salad to every chocolate reindeer!) and have always maintained an active lifestyle.

Whilst I admit some things in the past ten years of my life have been a little challenging, there are many who have been under far greater pressure who live in perfect health. I may have underestimated the physical toll on my body – three pregnancies, two miscarriages, one baby with early developmental problems and the continual paediatrician and hospital visits associated with this, a move to a new country, a physical job that sometimes required 18 hours of exertion a week, emotional and part-time physical presence in Jonathan’s business, etc. However, some families live with far greater challenges, eat nutritionally void food every day, drink and smoke to excess and STILL LIVE TO A RIPE OLD AGE! Some things still don’t make any sense……

My nutritionist did shed some light on the matter. She said that cancer starts with one cell – one cell that is slightly out of kilter, turns abnormal and sets off a chain reaction of events if the body’s immune system does not do what it should do, which is to ‘delete’ the abnormal cell. It seems to be a matter of simple maths – if the immune system is continually under strain and is not getting the correct nutrition to replenish each and every cell, where is the energy going to come from? It would appear that serious physical exertion can be damaging to the immune system if the correct nutrition is not there to replace energy and help support each cell in our body. Now, here’s the bit that I knew about but did not put into practice. With our nutrient depleted soils and our 21st century methods of harvesting and storing our crops, my 5 a day was not even coming close to replenishing the energy I was using up. There is a whole lot more to the story than this I am sure. And still so many unanswered questions, but I have to believe that I can do something to rectify this obvious imbalance. So, nutrition will be a critical part of my recovery. I will, therefore, be eating my reindeers with fresh carrot and beetroot juice! Yum!

Anyway, enough for now…but I will tell you to leave that sticky bun alone and choose a nice organic apple instead. I am just off to water my mini greenhouse sprout maker now. See you later, love Deb x

PS Several people have asked for the details of my nutritionist:

Amanda Whitewood Tel: 01424 774958 Fax: 01424 774958
Mob: 07990 525115

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