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An Afterthought 
Just an afterthought.....there is something cruelly unjust about living one's life with small insignificant breasts only to suddenly find that it is EVERYONES favourite topic of conversation! Where is the logic in that? Maybe toe cancer would be a more easily digestable topic of conversation. Anyway, to all of my Aussie friends, you just get on down to The Saint on Friday night and have a few drinks with me in mind (make sure Deb B behaves, tell Anne-Marie to stop talking work and ask Caroline when the hell she is coming to visit me? And Angela...stop oggling the barmen...you know you probably taught them!
Talk to you soon, To my lovely English friends, please make sure your NHS contributions are up to date - it might mean the difference between chicken and rice or toast for me. Wishing I could have my laptop in hospital. Love to you all
Debbie xxxxx

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So Long, Farewell....... 
... Glenda's wedding day...

... to my left breast that is, not you....In a few hours I go into hospital. I have uploaded a photo of my beautiful friend Glenda on her wedding day in April this year. Now you can stop looking at her and examine the REAL reason for the photo - the last significant static image of my chest....if you look closely you may even glimpse my cleavage (most impressive for one whose pectoral muscles are more pronounced than the flesh on top). As I will have no use for the dress now I think I will put it on E-Bay with the caption "Beautiful strapless dress for sale due to the devastating and brutal removal of one much loved, much admired (okay, i made that up..) left breast". I am sure it will get many sympathy bids and I may sell it for even more than I paid for it! Bonus.

On a different note I want to sincerely thank you all for your lovely comments. To quote some sentimental tosser out there, I can 'feel the luurrvvve!!' Seriously, I have chosen not to dwell on the what-ifs or what-could-bes. I do not want to think about cancer or chemo or reconstruction and I especially do not want to think about being sick or debilitated. (I have always been good at avoiding issues!) I am choosing to focus on the day I can say to my family, 'Let's get on with things now and how about a bike ride?' I am choosing to focus on the day I can walk back in to take one of my lovely classes at Bannatynes. And I am learning to wait. I went to a lovely church service the other day with a good friend, and although I am not really a religious person, I do believe there is an answer for everything. This has been a horrible time for people around me and I have tried to be cheery because a miserable moment is a wasted moment. Children are a great distraction. Jacob's obssession with replacing my 'booby' with a new plastic one to be strategically attached with superglue may be slightly misguided but has kept a smile on everyone's face!

I will not be able to post until next week because of my confinement to the 5 star luxury of the Conquest, but as soon as I escape I will log on to update and read your words. Of course when the hospital staff realise I am really Kylie they will all be extra attentive. I better finish packing. I am just trying to sqeeze the following items in my case:
* a loud hailer to scream loudly at anyone who approaches my bed "Wash your bloody hands"
* a disinfectant mat for visitors to walk over
* a weeks supply of chocolate and the take away menu for Simply Italian
* my BodyPump CDs and barbell for some static lunge work and squats
* my best shoes and suit in case the media realise where I am
* and my cataloque of 'Best Breasts' to peruse when I come round.
Well, love to you all.
I will miss reading your words but look forward to them when I come out.
Miss you loads, Debbie xxxxx
PS When I get to finally speak to you all you will have to be patient because the anaesthetic might make me a little breastless.....okay, breathless....

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Bonfire Night 

It was Bonfire Night recently and the kids had fun with sparklers, whilst watching the neighbour's home display of fireworks. As you cannot buy fireworks in Australia at all they quite enjoyed the novelty! Mind you there was always fireworks in my brother's house in Perth - due mainly to someone not turning his huge plasma TV off correctly! (Frequently me...) Think I'd better go and do something constructive now, like pack for hospital. Better get the third suitcase out of the loft - I need to be prepared for all eventualities....

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