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The Ritz Party expands 

How embarrasing - this is no relative of mine! Oh,alright Cory and Tara, you two can come to the Ritz as well (but can you leave the horns at home). Is that okay by you James (can't say I'm happy about the colour clash, green and purple - what on earth will I wear?)
Deb x

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A Cream Tea In Rye 

Went to Rye today so Mum could have a real Sussex Cream Tea. Despite the grey skies it was very nice there. We drove past Paul McCartney's recording studio on the way there but I just didn't have time to drop in and help him with his writer's block. Possibly next week! More later. Deb x
PS I am desperately trying to upload my song onto the blog because I know you don't believe me!

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Everybody Has A Song In Them! 
Hello you lot. I can’t believe the amount of people reading this now. It is so amazing to know you are all out there. I think I would be suffering badly from withdrawal having given up my classes if it weren’t for your comments on the blog and emails.
Nothing much to report today as I am a bit tired. I am feeling more relaxed about this whole thing though. It suddenly all seems so ‘do-able’. I have decided if I lose my hair I might as well go for something different. The whole bald Brittany image doesn’t really do it for me (although I’m okay with the hug boots and short skirts thing, I couldn’t go out with no undies on) so I think I’ll go for lustrous locks in a deep shade of red. I was contemplating black but I can hear your ‘witchy’ remarks from here…..go on, admit it, you were thinking it. I may even don an Audrey Hepburn ensemble for our Tea At The Ritz gig! Although that may make Kylie feel a little too contemporary so I’ll have to run that by her.

There is a fine line between a little information and a lot of information as far as children go, isn’t there. We have kept ours quite informed of recent events and they seem to be taking it in their stride. Jacob has an unnatural obsession with exactly ‘where’ my old ‘booby’ might be, however. Yes, I can hear you choking on your morning biscuits, try to explain that one! He asks every afternoon on his return from school, ‘Have you got a new booby yet?’ and he is always quick to suggest that it would probably be best if I stuck a new one on ‘with superglue’.

I had a blast from the past today. When I first started teaching in Perth, I became entwined with a local band through which I met my Kiwi friends. I was going out with the guitarist, Jo was going out with the keyboard player, Phil, and Glenda was just hoping to go out……with anybody (just kidding Roons)! Anyway to cut a long story short I wrote a song (I have played guitar since I was little) and the band, Hego Zygo, recorded it and in fact, used to play it at their gigs. I had forgotten all about it but PHIL SENT IT TO ME TODAY and it’s so great listening to it. See you didn’t know that about me did you! Now, it should be no surprise when I tell you that Kylie has only recently discovered my song writing abilities and is trying to get me to commit to a 2 year contract for her next album. I am very busy though for the next year, what with my commitment to Girls Aloud and Madonna, but I may be able to produce some profound lyrics during my chemo treatment – yes, profound they would be! Anyway I might ask Phil to post it on the blog – it’s a ripper. Right next to Lorna’s plum crumble recipe (which I have had loads of requests for).

Have a great day, Debx

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