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Anyone For A Dip? 
Cancel ALL Sunday plans! Forget the roast and don’t buy the newspapers…you will be too busy. The Breast Cancer Fundraiser is going to be AMAZING so get yourself down to Bannatyne’s. Especially be there at 5.30pm for the auction – you will not believe the auction lots….THE LATEST ONE…..

A luxury family swimming pool, (above ground) 12ft by 24ft, valued at over $1,500!

How amazing is that? Those of you who read this blog regularly will have seen the many humorous comments posted by Lisa. Well, we have Lisa’s wonderful husband to thank for the swimming pool (he must be in the running for husband of the year award, Jono is slowly losing his status….)

Also some fabulous lots to bid for from Barraclough and Stiles – a great pair of binoculars and a £50 voucher, Marks and Spencers, Boots and others….Wow! You must come and pick up something and at the same time be donating to the Lavender Trust – a part of BreastCancerCare dedicated to younger women with BC.

If you pick up the Hastings Observer today you will find an article on the fundraiser day which should attract some more people, and Lorna is on Arrow FM tomorrow morning talking about it (and me!) so tune in! And see you Sunday!

Today I feel surprisingly well. I did loads and went to a session at the hospital called Head Strong which was all about hair loss and ways to tie scarves etc. (Hello to my lovely cousin Michelle! Tell Alan I’m glad he thinks hair is overrated! We could swap some scalp care tips soon….!) I have traded in my ‘bag lady wrestling with a dishcloth look’ for a ‘gyspy fortune teller caught in a wind tunnel’ look (that may have just been a temporary aghast shock expression on my face caused by the lady telling me that I could attach a fake fringe under the scarf for a more ‘authentic’ look!

And tonight I did another Body Balance session which was very satisfying. I still have some restricted movement in my arm – just tightness through the armpit and side – but could do most of the yoga poses and twists. Tess joined me and really enjoyed it but unfortunately during the relaxation part, her trumpeting bottom sent us into unstoppable giggles…….

I am not sure whether my general good health is:
a) due to an amazingly nutrient rich diet and supplements,
b) the exercise and relaxation,
c) reading Uri Gellar’s great book and BELIEVING myself well,
d) laughing myself well at all YOUR comments and stories on the blog and email……
e) or just temporary good fortune!
Anyway I am going to make the most of it, that’s for sure…..
Have a great weekend and think about this….endless summer days and long evenings, a newly landscaped garden with a FABULOUS swimming pool, BBQs, friends, families and fun! Go on, you know you want it! And I could come over and show you the Aussie way to swim and enjoy your back yard! Love Deb x

Hey Lou! I just found your comment - I REALLY HOPE you get over here this year. WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU! Have a great party! xxxxxxxx

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Turn the Heating Down Please 
Thank you Janet for your comments, it certainly is a worry I think. Lisa and Jill….you know I have always secretly been in awe of our scouser friend…..I WANT TO BE ONE!!! Watch out for my orange tan when you see me on Sunday!

I feel better today. Went for a little walk then tonight I did an hour of yoga and pilates in my loungeroom with some lavender oil burning and the rest of the family strictly barred. (It was a Body Balance DVD, Maree.) It was very relaxing and lovely to work those muscles again as I haven’t done anything since St Lucia (except for some very intensive stomach exercises that involved a bucket).

Tomorrow I go to see the wig lady. Now before you start just let me remind you that without a face like Kylie’s, it is quite impossible to look decent in a scarf……I have tried….I look rather like a frustrated bag lady who has had an argument with a dishcloth.

Not really looking forward to going to sleep as I don’t ever get there….it would seem that the internal fire inside me that clicks on about 10.30 everynight is not just due to the radiation but HOT FLUSHES!!! Can you believe it? Just another side effect of the chemo….Last night I went to sleep eventually with a cold flannel on my pillow. Jono’s decided to save on the energy bills of course and has turned the central heating off. Better go now. Mustn’t destroy my peaceful karma…..see you later, Deb x

PS Just read your post Tracy - you know me too well.....that dog is a lot harder to get agreement on than this laptop was.....

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Breast Cancer Fundraiser 
I am still working on my 'global fundraiser' but meantime Lorna and the Bannatyne's team have been busy organising a fabulous fundraiser for the Lavender Trust - a branch of Breast Cancer Care aimed at younger women.

IT IS THIS SUNDAY!!!!!! It is a fabulous aerobic marathon, with something for everyone, and ends in an auction! Please come and support this very worthwhile cause. I will come along for the auction if you promise not to comment on the rapidly thinning hair........(might have to wear my rasta wig....) There are some great prizes to be auctioned (more on that later) but meantime PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY! Aussie team - very cheap flights available at the moment......!!

Also, I have some good news about my search for body lotions and products that are paraben-free. More on that tomorrow.....

Today, on a scale of 1 to 10, I feel 2.5.....but am aiming for 6 tomorrow. Did my shopping today - what an achievement (yes, it was on-line....). Felt extra miserable at 7.30pm tonight....you know why.....
But my man for all seasons, picking up on mental state just suggested I start thinking about destinations for a week away when I finish chemo. My dearest Dad and Jan are coming to house and babysit for a week while we escape. You are still coming back aren't you Dad,,,,,?? Dad??????? Where are you......?????
See you later, love Deb x
PS Jill, not a bad idea for a title for our blockbuster....but I think you are confusing me with jane...I think I better use my real name DEBORAH and raise the tone of this movie! Or would that not be true to form.........and somewhat boring...

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