Back At Last! 
Hello is anyone out there??? Finally I have time and the equipment to add an entry! My laptop has been out of action for 5 weeks then, when I finally got it back, I started an entry and then lost all data again. It has been fixed (I hope) by having the hard drive replaced.
Well, Lorna, as per your request I did make my Monday night Pump class work hard last night by including Take Your Mama Out for triceps – the entertainment value was huge....watching them all collapse into 1 of the 20 tricep presses! Next week we are having an Oscars night with awards between the tracks so I will be nice because it’s Xmas.

Before I forget.....The Blogger’s Party is ON, ON, ON!!! 10th January. All bloggers welcome but to ensure catering control, please email me your postal or email address so I can send you the invitation. My new email is Special guest for the night will be Maree – all the way from Oz! Special guest artist will be Jane the Pain on karaoke (shouldn’t have advertised that here because now she will want payment for sure!).

Well, my last few months have been interesting to say the least. I think I was so desperate to rush headlong back into my previous life that I didn’t allow myself the time to factor in enough rest. So I have ended up being tired a lot of the time. The hospital say it could be up to 2 years before I return to normal energy levels but most of the time I feel it gets better every week. My hair is growing slowly and I am glad to not look like a cancer patient anymore. I have a sense of humour failure at the moment and I feel frustrated a lot of the time. I am waiting for that ‘I’m so glad to be alive and the world is wonderful’ feeling to kick start my enthusiasm for life. However, I am trying to throw myself into the festive season and get ready for a new year. I am looking forward to coming back to Perth sometime in the first half of next year – I am getting desperate for some sunshine!

The Ritz was fab by the way! Everything you imagine it to be, although it was smaller than I thought. I was a bit disappointed that there was not enough greenery in the sandwiches - no watercress or sprouts to be seen and no fruit. We stayed over in London and went to see Wicked the musical which was also excellent.

Well I have to go the Dentist so I will sign off for now. I will try to add an entry before Xmas with some photos for all of you at home. See you soon, love Deb x

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