How Are Your Bones? 
Hello, hello! Just a quick note to say I am still alive ! I have had some problems with my internet this past week which is ironic really as the children went back to school last Thursday so FINALLY when I might have some time to write….I can’t!

All is fine here. I had a bone density scan today (because the early menopause bought on by the chemo could create a risk of osteoporosis). Fortunately my bone density is good – I just have to keep it that way. The radiographer told me that weight bearing exercise would help maintain my bone density so I told her I would give up knitting and head to the gym.....I am frantically trying to increase my CV fitness because I have a Body Attack class on the October timetable which I am very excited about. I am nearly lifting the same weights as I was in Pump before the op but I have definitely lost fitness. That’s what you get when you have your head stuck in a bucket I suppose….

I am going to see Madonna tomorrow night – yahoo! No, not for a cup of tea at her house, Mum, at Wembly. Looking forward to that.

Kids are all happy back at school – Ali is loving High School and I am quite jealous cause I loved High School myself. Hey Maree, Lorna and I went to London on the weekend for the quarterlies and we did Pump 67 (which is average) as well as BodyJam, BodyAttack, BodyBalance and while Lorna did Combat, I did BodyVive. We had a great time and stayed over in the Docklands then went to Canary Wharf. How is Pump 67 going down over there.

I must get organising our bloggers bash soon.

Will write again on the weekend, love Deb x

BTW my first car was a tiny silver Suzuki Hatch which Dad chose and it was a complete dud – the heads needed replacing so it cost more to fix it then the original purchase price! It was so tiny that it would have been impossible to have any sort of action within those tin can doors unless all appendages were hanging out of the windows! But my first boyfriend did have a Panel Wagon which was pretty cool AND he wore Brut aftershave…..what was I thinking……..

Better stop now, you may think you have tuned in to the Maree/Jane show…

Also....I love the YouTube clip that Mad Dog posted (own up - who are you really?). I think we may have to organise 6 treadmills for the bloggers bash and see if we can choreograph something similar!

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