Getting Ready To Glow! 
It has been so funny reading your daily comments on my last post that I didn’t have the heart to ruin that particular thread….but as you are asking how I am…..
I am loving the clues to Mr Bush’s name – no-one close yet but some good thoughts there Jane, I’m well impressed with your logic, had you been drinking? When Maree sets her travel dates we will set a date for the party of the year for all bloggers.

This has been a very busy week for me as I have tried to fit in everything I will not be able to do for the next four weeks due my daily trek to Maidstone. I start on Tuesday and am not really too nervous about the radiotherapy except that I am worried about the tiredness. I am still feeling tired from the chemo so don’t want to lose any more energy. Weird residual things from the chemo keep happening, like my fingernails are just about to all drop off and I am having hot flushes more frequently. The Americans call them hot flashes and I am liking that a little more. Kind of sets up an image of me roaming around town naked, except for a trench coat, feeling an impulse to flash every time my body temperature rises! A bald, peri-menopausal, naked woman flashing unsuspecting shoppers would not be that odd in this town, given all the medieval people I saw wandering around the High Street today. (It is Medieval Fair in Battle tomorrow with Maypole dancing on the green).

Once again I have found myself on a see-saw of emotions these past few days. We are re-decorating two rooms downstairs and it is all quite stressful trying to get the plasterers in on time before the carpenter does his bit, after the electrician does his bit, etc, etc. Curtains and lights are giving me a headache! I am getting frustrated that my hair is not growing back and I still can’t draw on any proper eyebrows. I thought I saw an eyelash this morning but sadly there was nothing….I am still wondering how I will actually get back to living a normal life, once this is all over, without the fear of cancer returning…..There are so many questions and very few definitive answers. More on that another day.

Friday night was the highlight of the week for me. I went to Pump!!! I crept into a class in a gym in Hailsham and tried to pretend I was just like every other normal person there. It would have worked had it not been for two things – my bandana instead of hair raised a few eyebrows, and the fact that I knew the choreography better than the instructor also raised a questions (yes, I know fruity Jeff, unusual for me to get it right!) But IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!! It was like coming home after a long absence. He played all my favourite tracks, including Walk on Water, and I loved every single minute of it. Even when he told us that the tricep track had some press ups in it, and everybody moaned loudly, I still had a silly grin on my face (they must have thought I was completely mad). I felt on a complete high for hours afterwards. The good news was I managed to do it all, but had light weights on for the upper body tracks. It will take some time to rebuild my muscle mass I think and I am going to have to go very slowly so I don’t develop lymphoedema in my left arm. BUT I will continue to swim and work on my upper body steadily so as not to cause any problems. I am hoping I can continue to exercise during radio. Our Ribbon Walk team is still in training – only three weeks now till we do our 20 mile sponsored walk. Thank you so much to all of you who have been so generous in your donations. If you would like to contribute you can sponsor me on my ‘Just Giving’ page at……….
See you soon, Deb x
PS Maree, I will send you some mangetout when it is ready!
PPS The prize for the best explantation as to WHY these Pommie men take off their shirts when the sun shines goes to .....Mike, for a very clever scientific explanation which is entirely plausible...closely contested by Jo and Deb!

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