Confessions Of A Cancer Patient 
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This has been a very low week for me this week, not just because my body is trying to recover after my 5th intravenous poison overload, but because I have had ENOUGH and am truly, deeply, utterly sick of feeling so bad. As if by magic, several lovely things happened to me today. I received a beautiful card from my mum (thanks Wil!) and another lovely card from a very special friend. Then a text came from another incredibly thoughtful friend inviting me to a lovely day of lunch and a pamper at the Rye Retreat! And as I log on and check my emails tonight I see that my fantastic sister-in-law has managed to book us tickets to see The Sound of Music next Friday in London!!!!! Wow!!! And now I turn on the TV and see the truly inspirational Annie Lennox doing her thing with the little children in Africa whose families have died from AIDS, and I wonder, what is this really all about? How is it possible to keep perspective of your own life and mortality in this world we live in? This whole cancer thing is bloody hard on the brain…..I could ramble for hours here….but instead I will include a few true confessions. We can ponder the heavy stuff later….

Confessions of a Cancer Patient

1. Today I dressed Jacob in the jeans he wore yesterday (which were dirty) because I am sick of the bloody washing.
2. When people STARE AT ME I want to say ‘Would you like to stroke my bald head or contribute to my Live Another Week fund?’
3. I tried to paint on some eyebrows today but ended up looking like a bald Gordon Brown.
4. I threw 4 recyclable items in my rubbish bin today because I couldn’t be bothered trying to save the planet when I’m investing so much energy into trying to save me.
5. I ate 3 sweets from Jacob’s party bag when he wasn’t looking.
6. I am having fantasies about the smell of shampoo.
7. When someone tells me they have a cold or a headache and feel TERRIBLE I want to stick pins in their nipples and sand in their mouth and really give them something to moan about.

Have a great weekend, Deb x

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