Wanna See My New Shoes????? 
Hello everyone. I am feeling a bit more cheery today as I spent the day yesterday at Bluewater! Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer you up. It was lovely there – great variety of shops but the best part for me was going to Pret a Manger where they have the best salads and sandwiches. Very delicious! I am not normally a ‘shoe person’ but I bought the best shoes – quite pink and garish! I figure people will be so busy looking at my unmissable shoes they might not notice the lack of hair on my head!

Things are looking up now that we have more daylight hours in the evening too. All we need is some spring like weather…..I am currently chitting my potatoes on the windowsill (the gardeners out there will not be alarmed by this) and have now got all my seeds and pots ready to go. I am planning to grow masses of veggies and salad this year so I can be sure of fresh, organic produce. If I get really good I will bore you all with lots of photos of beans and tomatoes!

Tomorrow is C day, number 5, and I have to go to Eastbourne hospital (they said it is because some of the chemo machines need servicing, but I think it is because I made such a fuss last time they want to get rid of me!)

I have been swimming several times, been to Body Balance and even went for a little run last night. This is not only due to a desire to stay fit ( or I should say, get fit!), but more out of a desperate attempt to stop Rupert the rabbit settling in wobbly patches on my thighs! Yes, he didn’t last long I’m afraid, but he was really delicious!

A final reminder to everyone….if you want to do the Ribbon Walk with me let me know as I have just set some training dates for some long walks and will email you with the details. Log onto www.ribbonwalk.org.uk for more info. Some of you have already pledged a donation which is very kind of you and next week I will tell you how you can donate on my ‘justgiving’ page which I will set up soon or other ways of donating. Think about joining us though – it will be a brilliant day and a great chance to get fit (or fitter!).
Love Deb x
PS Hello Nadiya – can you email me your contact details?
PPS Hello Bev – lovely to hear from you, and welcome Martee!!!! Is that some kind of disguise Maree????
PPS A big tip for you....write your comment in word first then copy and paste - you will never lose it!!!!!!

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