Happy Easter To You! 
Has the World Events Planner read the wrong version of the Bible? Could there be any other explanation as to why Easter is this early? And I have just seen the weather forecast which is looking pretty horrible so it won’t be conducive to little bunnies hopping around in the garden on Easter Egg hunts! I think its scorching over there in Oz isn’t it? Well, I hope your chocolate melts before you find it!!! Speaking of chocolate…..another very cruel twist of my current fate is that about this time last year (a few days before Easter) I had been given dozens of Lindt chocolate bunnies and various other assorted Easter eggs by my lovely class members who somehow guessed that I like chocolate! I hope Traci, Rosie and Lorna are being spoilt with MY SHARE!!!

Well done to those who did the marathon (great times George and Mrs Wol). And a few of you have signed up for the Ribbon Walk which is fantastic news!

Last week’s chemo was eventful. I outperformed everyone on the ward by being sick AS they were actually administering the anti-nausea drugs. They had to remove me to a room with a bed. I won’t go into more detail but it was very horrible. However I have not been sick since then. This type of chemo has different effects which I could tell you about in graphic detail if you like but it might put you off your easter eggs. Mostly aches and pains, tiredness and my taste buds feel like they have been uprooted and rubbed in a tray of kitty litter. I am hoping for a sense of normality soon – preferably before the Easter Bunny delivers on Sunday! But I believe it could be months before my taste sensations return to normal. Bye for now, Deb x

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