Flathead, Bald head or Fishface? 
I have yet to test my baldness on the unsuspecting public but I couldn’t resist trying it out yesterday. I was in the front room sorting out the pile of washing that I deliberately avoided on Sunday (Mother’s Day) when I saw a young man in a smart suit heading for my front door. He had a satchel type thing around his shoulder and looked to me like a Jehovah Witness. Perfect I thought! So I whipped off my scarf and opened the door with a very serious sort of scowl. Well, the poor boy nearly fell over backwards. He thrust a leaflet in my hand, mumbled something about spreading the word and hightailed it out of here! And here I was wanting to chat about the intricacies of his religion. I felt a bit bad about scaring him but then I thought about how much I hate people knocking at my door selling things (or concepts) and thought I might be on to a winner here!

Did you have a relaxing weekend? Mine was okay except that I spent several hours talking to my brothers, my Dad and Jan and my bridesmaid Glenda and I felt very homesick. Especially because they were all having BBQs of some type with lovely Aussie fish and wine, sitting outdoors in beautiful warm weather…….But I managed to get a couple of swims in and I went to Body Balance on Friday which was excellent. I also planted a new herb garden and spoke to the oregano, sage and parsley encouraging them to grow quickly in time for them to be included in some lovely summer salads and BBQs in my OWN garden in only a few months time……(ever the optimist!)

I also received a few emails from friends I haven’t heard from for ages. This blog is becoming very widely read. One email was from a lovely friend who I used to teach with, Amy. Amy was always full of amazingly good ideas but she has really come up with an astoundingly logical and much needed concept this time. Check out her website at www.indigokidz.com.au It’s all about meditation and relaxation for children and teaching them to become more in touch with their feelings and spirituality. Much needed in this crazy world, don’t you think?

I’m off to the fish market. I must have moaned so much on the weekend about how much I miss decent fish that Wendy is taking me down to the Hastings seafront. Not sure I will be convinced though – there’s only so many ways you can do Cod isn’t there? Have a great day, love Deb x
PS Hey Jane, I really should come to this motown night - I could wear my St Lucia dreadlocks!
PPS I love hearing all your news in the comments section - well done Zena and Janet for trying Attack! Very impressive!

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