Are You Eating Your Broccoli? 
I didn’t tell you about how hospitable my body has become. I think I am naturally a generous person but my body has now officially become the ‘hostess with the mostess’. First it provides a welcoming home, it would seem, to a tumour the size of a nectarine…. And then next my body decides to host another intruder the size of a large orange!! My insides are a veritable fruit salad! Yes, it would seem that all those years of extremely painful and heavy periods were not without cause. One of my body scans showed my womb was enlarged so the oncologist referred me for an internal ultrasound (we women get all the best toys to play with!). This showed that my most obliging uterus was hosting a very large fibroid, and she couldn’t get past this obstacle to see whether there were any more! Whilst I have yet to have the outcome confirmed by yet another surgeon at the hospital, it looks like I am due for a hysterectomy as soon as my BC treatment is finished. Well, what can I say? There could be a nice opportunity here, I’m thinking….I am wondering if the fibroid (which is just a benign growth) could be transplanted to my left breast? Two operations performed in one! To be honest, I am not worried about the operation. But I am VERY worried about having to spend more time in that hospital, and then having to take the 4 to 6 weeks off to recover! As if I won’t have spent enough time ‘convalescing’ this year. Might book in a hip replacement as well. Just get every possible lifetime eventuality out of the way in one year….

I am reading a great book called The Breast Cancer Prevention and Recovery Diet by Suzannah Olivier. It is fascinating and is mostly devoted to the role nutrition plays in our health. “Many foods are now being described as ‘chemo preventative’ and it is acknowledged that certain foods have a pharmacological effect – items such as broccoli, soya, oriental mushrooms, garlic and live yoghurt. The problem is that these foods and nutrients can’t be patented and there is no money to be had in researching them, meaning that any research is motivated by academic interest rather than profit. Nevertheless the fact that trials are taking place at all is a strong indication of how seriously the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer is being taken.”

Anyway, it has been a great few days. Lovely weather for kids to enjoy half term. Last night I went to Body Balance and it was very relaxing (my abs are a little sore today but I’m sure they’ll be worse tomorrow when I have my head in a bucket).
Well, so long for a few days. Please, please, please keep all your fingers crossed with me that the nausea is controlled a bit better this time. I wish I could go to sleep now and wake up next Thursday. See you soon, Deb x

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