Love Is In The Air! 
I am sick. A bad head cold which is quite miserable and keeping me confined to the house because if I get a temperature I have to go to A and E due to my white blood cell count being wiped out. There is no way I am spending any more time in that hospital than necessary so I am resting and eating loads of oranges. Even though I feel pretty gross, I am not complaining because it is no where near as bad as a chemo-induced sickness.

Next week is half term and I was due for chemo on Tuesday but after a bit of begging I managed to delay it to Thursday. At least I can spend 3 days with the kids before another close encounter with the bucket.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so I hope you will go out and spread the luuurrrvvvveee!
I used to think Valentine ’s Day was just a global commercial attempt at getting us to part with our money (probably initiated by Hallmark) but this year I think – GO FOR IT! Go and buy those flowers or chocolate, go out to dinner, send a card (or maybe a few) and have some fun! Hug everybody you come across and justify it by saying ‘today is the day of love’! Even my daughters have bought cute little teddies and chocolates for their ‘boyfriends’ and when I asked them what they’d bought for me (well, it doesn’t have to be romantic love – any love in your life will do) they both said they needed to go to the shop tomorrow! So spoil someone and have a LOVEly day. I can’t wait to get my HUGE card and romantic treat!!!!! Will keep you posted. Deb x

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