Check Your Pancakes For Lumps 
I love the jokes! Also like the songs, thanks Positive Thinking Dresser Upper (aka Lorna methinks!), particularly the Crowded House one. And thank you all for the useful links so many of you put in your comments on the last post. (Uncle Philip is looking even more Australian, Michelle – great photo!)

Today was much better. Got up and Deb took me for a drive to a Farm Shop (and got lost) then I even cooked a nice dinner! Just wish I could get rid of the weird feeling in my stomach and the 'leaden limbs'.I have loads of emails with some very funny jokes I will try and put on here later.

Jacob wouldn’t go to sleep tonight – he had a bit of a runny nose and kept saying ‘I’m ill’. Eventually on my third attempt at getting him to sleep he asked for ‘the bucket’. Obviously in his mind, one is not really ‘ill’ unless one requires a ‘bucket’. He’s trying to outdo me!

Tomorrow is Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday. I hope you make your pancakes wholemeal with grated apple in them! And then Lent of course. So what will you be giving up for Lent? I’m going to give up…….Jane. Till Easter then, okay Jane? No actually, I thought I would give up hair products. Must go to bed now but can I ask you to do two things? Firstly, make sure you do a breast health check this week. Go to this address and look up information for a guide as to what is normal and what is not. Secondly do something positive for your health – whether its food, exercise or for your soul. You lot are good for my soul - you and chocolate reindeers....Must go and look up a recipie for chocolat pancakes! See you later. Deb x

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