It's Cold Up Here! 
I can see what’s happening here…..I am going to get the blame for Lorna’s transformation from ‘demure, quiet, shy young lady’ to (in the words of Janet)…’a raver’! I know it! But like you rightly say Lorna – ‘it’s all in the dressing up daaaarrrrlllling!’ Give us a costume and we’ll rise to the occasion willingly…Speaking of rising to the occasion Lorna, let me know when Martin is away and I’ll send my companion set over – they are most obliging and very well versed at stoking one’s fire.
Well remembered Andi! HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY. Hey I’m loving the crystals on the head idea Maree – in fact I might even collect all the bells off the reindeers I have eaten over the past months and make a special little head dress…And hello Mr Bush – glad you are back on the case!
Yes, Andi, please send Monkey beanie. Or Zena, begin your collection of teatowels immediately. I am in need as I am now completely bald. I love the song, Positive Thinking Dresser-Upper, but I am indeed choking on some of life’s gristle today…..
This morning I woke to very few hairs remaining so Jonathan took great delight in shaving it all off. I am feeling a little better now it’s gone instead of convincing myself each day that I MAY just be the lucky one who manages to keep her hair. The general reaction in this house is varied. Jonathan says I have a ‘gorgeous head’. Jacob wants his head shaved too because it’s ‘cool’. Tessa screamed and ran away. And Ali just said ‘Oh dear’……I am experimenting with some hats and scarves and picked up my wig this morning (which is brunette with some nice red bits, and not even remotely blonde like the woman told me it would be) and have decided that I am lucky it is winter! We went out for a lovely walk in the woods and I wore a beanie, scarf and sunglasses and felt quite ‘normal’. Oh well, funny this walk on the wild side….you just begin to get comfortable with one stage and then you are thrown into the next….Certainly makes you realise how much I DID worry about my appearance (hair) before. I suppose it is now time to grow into my personality if you know what I mean….Better go and read more of Uri’s book. Positive thinking brings on a whole new meaning when you are bald…..see you later (not!), Deb x

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