Bad Hair Day 
Oh you do make me laugh…..yes, Lisa you are right. There is an upside to every situation and borrowing Lorna’s cowboy hat just might be the answer here. I was not at all pleased to see that several more handfuls of hair came out again today. It will all be gone in a few days. I’m not just talking hair on my head either! Never realised how much I actually liked my hair until now. Never again will I complain about it when it does return!
I went to Body Balance at Hailsham on Tuesday (love the new release Maree but not sure about the splits at the end!). I have regained almost all strength in my left arm and shoulder and could even do the plank. I loved it so much I went again tonight but IT WAS FULLY BOOKED! So I went into the gym for an hour which was also very pleasant if not quite as relaxing. Took me back to those days at Lords Gym in Perth where i used to sweat away over three sets of shoulder presses, etc...Hope I feel comfortable going there when I have a teatowel on my head – sure I’ll get some looks but will have to think of an appropriate scouser retort if the stares get too much….like ‘Wot you lookin’ at you scuz bucket? (how’s that Jane?).
Tomorrow I am going to Worthing for a day workshop run by BreastCancerCare. It is a ‘Healthy Living Day’ so am looking forward to it. Starts with a Tai Chai class which might be a good chilled out start to the day. I will be listening carefully to the part about how chocolate reindeers are a crucial part of a healthy recovery….
See you later, x

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