You Are All Mad! 
I am very reluctant to add another entry because I am so enjoying the parallel conversations and subtext from all of you!!! Who are these mystery people commenting on the weather, one wonders?
Hey Janet, I have my very own companion set and I don’t use it to stoke the wood fire! Remember that photo of my four minders……that’s a REAL companion set! But we could all chip in and supply Lorna with one, although I don’t think Martin will be too happy….Anyway it was great to see all of you on Sunday too – even if some of you were smelly and sweaty!

I am having an average day due to several reasons really. The first being………. yesterday there were quite a few loose hairs in my comb but I thought I would wait till today to double-check. Yes, it’s definitely disappearing at a rapid rate…..I got it cut short yesterday. I hope the remaining ones hang on a little longer…..

So after a slightly shocked start I was looking forward to being picked up by Deb and Vicki who decided to take me to the movies at Hawkhust. I was really looking forward to a bit of escapism and the theatre was lovely. But contrary to Uri’s advice of ‘keep laughing’, the movie was the saddest movie I have seen in a long time – PS I Love You. Don’t go to see it unless you have several boxes of tissues! Great movie though but I had to come home and tune in to the Disney Channel for some light relief.
Nothing else to report except that I have had a few emails from friends who are a little concerned at the thought of me training to be a ‘scouser’. It would seem even an ‘aussie’ is preferable to a ‘scouser’! See you later.
Deb x

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