Successful Fundraiser! 
Bannatyne's was buzzing yesterday with many full classes in the aerobic marathon and a fantastic auction. Thank you to all of you who came - and special thanks for Lorna who spent so much time organising it! There were some great auction lots and I tried to bid for a sporty mercedies for the weekend (me behind the wheel, cruising through the country Thelma and Louise style, scarf and last threads of hair streaming behind me......) but unfortunately the winner had to be points free on their licence..
Anyway the total is still being totalled but it will be well over 2,000 which, i think is amazing!!!
I feel tired today but am still amazed at how good I feel generally. Long may it last! I woke up to the news that here in the UK, today is the most miserable day of the year. Well, the weather is certainly obliging. But I am not falling for that. I have been reading Uri Gellar's book Mind Medicine and you just cannot be gloomy no matter what your circumstances. I was sleeping in on Saturday morning (Jono downstairs watching the Aussies succumb to a rare defeat in the cricket - bugger!) when he came bounding upstairs with the telephone. It's for you he said,it's Uri! Fancy that! Busy man that he is, he still takes the time to phone me, ask after my health and tells me to stay positive. He said to KEEP LAUGHING and told me an amazing story about a woman who literally laughed her tumour away! I said that was easy for me because I had JANE on my side and she's always worth a laugh or three! But I do believe he is right - our minds are magical and mysterious things that are more powerful than we can imagine. I've just told mine to make me a cuppa and the kettle is already whistling....I'm still working on that free flight down under...
I have set a Reindeer Cracking Date because the kids are getting very impatient (yes, the poor little tikes actually think they're going to get some!) So, I thought it could be after Chemo 3 as a celebration of getting half way there! And I am going to book the Ritz for the week after Chemo 6 as my HUGE CELEBRATION (those Aussies have gone quiet on their Ritz performance...I know it's school holidays and you've all gone away but you better have your rehearsals scheduled...and can some of you please add a comment? Jane's worried she's scared you all off!) Here's the reindeer so you have an idea of how much chocolate there will be! See you later, Deb x

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