Turn the Heating Down Please 
Thank you Janet for your comments, it certainly is a worry I think. Lisa and Jill….you know I have always secretly been in awe of our scouser friend…..I WANT TO BE ONE!!! Watch out for my orange tan when you see me on Sunday!

I feel better today. Went for a little walk then tonight I did an hour of yoga and pilates in my loungeroom with some lavender oil burning and the rest of the family strictly barred. (It was a Body Balance DVD, Maree.) It was very relaxing and lovely to work those muscles again as I haven’t done anything since St Lucia (except for some very intensive stomach exercises that involved a bucket).

Tomorrow I go to see the wig lady. Now before you start just let me remind you that without a face like Kylie’s, it is quite impossible to look decent in a scarf……I have tried….I look rather like a frustrated bag lady who has had an argument with a dishcloth.

Not really looking forward to going to sleep as I don’t ever get there….it would seem that the internal fire inside me that clicks on about 10.30 everynight is not just due to the radiation but HOT FLUSHES!!! Can you believe it? Just another side effect of the chemo….Last night I went to sleep eventually with a cold flannel on my pillow. Jono’s decided to save on the energy bills of course and has turned the central heating off. Better go now. Mustn’t destroy my peaceful karma…..see you later, Deb x

PS Just read your post Tracy - you know me too well.....that dog is a lot harder to get agreement on than this laptop was.....

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