Breast Cancer Fundraiser 
I am still working on my 'global fundraiser' but meantime Lorna and the Bannatyne's team have been busy organising a fabulous fundraiser for the Lavender Trust - a branch of Breast Cancer Care aimed at younger women.

IT IS THIS SUNDAY!!!!!! It is a fabulous aerobic marathon, with something for everyone, and ends in an auction! Please come and support this very worthwhile cause. I will come along for the auction if you promise not to comment on the rapidly thinning hair........(might have to wear my rasta wig....) There are some great prizes to be auctioned (more on that later) but meantime PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY! Aussie team - very cheap flights available at the moment......!!

Also, I have some good news about my search for body lotions and products that are paraben-free. More on that tomorrow.....

Today, on a scale of 1 to 10, I feel 2.5.....but am aiming for 6 tomorrow. Did my shopping today - what an achievement (yes, it was on-line....). Felt extra miserable at 7.30pm know why.....
But my man for all seasons, picking up on mental state just suggested I start thinking about destinations for a week away when I finish chemo. My dearest Dad and Jan are coming to house and babysit for a week while we escape. You are still coming back aren't you Dad,,,,,?? Dad??????? Where are you......?????
See you later, love Deb x
PS Jill, not a bad idea for a title for our blockbuster....but I think you are confusing me with jane...I think I better use my real name DEBORAH and raise the tone of this movie! Or would that not be true to form.........and somewhat boring...

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