St Lucia Sunshine 

No time to say much tonight. We got in at 6.30am and have been trying to catch up all day as tomorrow at 9.00 I am in hospital for the first chemo. Hopefully the pictures will tell you about our holiday. It was lovely. Lots of sun and swimming. Way too much eating and drinking but I was putting some in the 'fat bank' for the weeks ahead!
Jacob was pirate on THE Black Pearl, as in the movie, and he loved it. Ali and I went horseriding, including bareback in the sea!

And the kids had a great time everynight listening to the band and having fun with their cousins.

The last few days I was anxious to get home and 'get on with things' though. I have missed logging in and hearing from you all. (Hello George - hope you are studying hard!). I hope you all had a great New Year and I hope I can celebrate NEXT new year with a bit more optimism. Will add some more over the next few days. Hope to see you before I get to wear my carribean dreadlocks! Love Deb x

PS Will now need to request pina colada's simultaneous with chemo intravenous. Think I am having withdrawal symptoms.....the sun seems to have dimmed somewhat...

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