Setting The Standards 
As you know I went to meet the oncologist on Monday and I decided I had no option but to dress appropriately. I felt they had to know exactly what the chemo ward was dealing with. You see, as an Australian, there is a perception that we are all Kath or Kim types and I knew the consultant might be expecting me to turn up in my parachute fabric trackie. So, as you can see I made a bit of an effort:

I also wanted to make it clear that they had better not mess up my drug doseages or they would have to contend with my minders. I think the oncologist nearly fell off his chair when I opened the door to let him take a peek at the faces who would be escorting me there on my every visit:

Whilst there I was given a guided tour of the chemo ward which was quite an enlightening experience.....well actually there was nothing 'light' about it. Quite grim really. They obviously noticed my reaction and said that the nurses come around with trolleys of tea and sandwiches etc. This didn't really thrill me having recently experienced several nights of the Conquest 'sandwich teas'. I was quick to point out that the catering would not be necessary as my minders were quite used to serving me champagne and cavier or anything my little heart desired. I noticed a few of the chemo patients eyeing my minders off a little too eagerly and felt, rather selfishly, a bit protective. But then I thought Oh, what the hell, 4 is little too greedy so I feel some sharing may be in order. Oh, and also, the elderly lady in the chair in the corner wondered if you could all wear 'a little less' next time......Alright, boys?

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