See You At Pump On Thursday 
Today I was driving back from a friend's house with all the children in the car after having a lovely lunch. Whilst stopped at a T junction, a man turned into my road really quickly and nearly wiped out the front of my car. I can't actually recall swearing but I must have done because Jacob piped up ' driver!' from the back seat very clearly. Fortunately both the girls were listening to Ali's MP3 player so didn't hear. They asked why I was laughing loudly and I had to make something up AND turn the radio up because jacob assumed he must have said something very funny so kept repeating it! I must learn to tone down my reactions!

Tomorrow I meet with the oncologist. I will hopefully get my plan and dates so I can at least know what I will be doing when. So many things to include on my 2008 calender......wig shopping, head and bucket meetings, prothesis fittings....not to mention radioactive training...

I will be teaching Pump this Thursday at 7pm which I am really excited about! I want to say hello to everyone and Merry Xmas (I might even have a reindeer prize or two). It will be lovely to do a whole class for one more time before I am forced to quit the exercise for a while. So book in now and WEAR YOUR XMAS HATS!!! Maree, if you catch the 4pm flight from Perth on Tuesday you should make it. See you there...... Deb x

PS Any requests for the class on thursday, let me know. And Jane, if you are coming, can you please shave off that facial hair - I find it very offputting....

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