Sick Of Being Sick! 

Yesterday was the Infants Xmas Play so we watched Jacob doing his reindeer rendition and singing various Xmas songs. All the year ones were just part of the chorus so they had to sit still for quite a while as the play went on around them. Jacob was very well behaved for the whole play, apart from when he tried to trip the chickens up as they danced past him.

In the afternoon I went for a walk in the woods with Tess who chattered away the whole time. She is not very happy at the moment – she has a huge dilemma that she just can’t solve. Apparently every day at lunchtime at school, one of her friends says to her ‘Tess, can we have a private chat now please?’ She really likes this friend and feels she can’t tell her she has other things to do. However, her favourite lunchtime pastime is ‘chasing boys’. So she feels very grumpy everyday when her friend insists they have a ‘private chat’ because she would much rather be chasing boys. I told her really there wasn’t any dilemma – if boys were there to be chased, then she should get on with the chasing!

On the health front, it would appear that even breast cancer sufferers are not excluded from the seasonal bugs and viruses. I spent last night, and most of the day, groaning away with stomach pains and nausea. Great! I finally had a piece of toast late afternoon which I thought was a better option than cracking open my huge chocolate reindeer, although I was tempted.

I have started looking at various websites for scarves, hats and wigs and am amazed at the huge variety available. I am fluctuating between a Rastafarian wig with real live creatures living in the dreadlocks and a Farah Fawcett flick. I must tell you the irony of me having to wear a wig tomorrow but for now, see you later, Deb x

This photo was taken last weekend - these woods are right behind us and I am practising the walk I will take with my dog when Jonathan finally relents and agrees to us having one - should be any moment now!

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