Jester Delivers 

Look some people will do anything to stand out! Due to the number of people delivering dinner to me, the competition has become fierce! Ian was so desperate to make his delivery a memorable one that he even dressed up! I told him he would have been memorable without the costume.....(I have to add that he didn't cook the meal, it was another of Wendy's fabulous creations!) You don't need to send any more meals everyone, my arm is healed enough to stir now! Jono is still waiting for those prawns though Wayne; perhaps you didn't put the correct postage on?

I did actually cook for myself on Monday as I received a big box of freshly dug vegetables from Sarah's allotment. I made a delicious lentil and root vegetable stew which was extra special because of its local ingredients - thank you Sarah. You know it's only because you do Pump that you can still dig up a turnip in your condition!
Bye for now, Deb x

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