Naughty Boy Jacob! 
I had a ‘first’ yesterday. After having three children in school for quite a while now, I have never been called in to discuss their behaviour at any time. Generally, all three have obligingly got on with the rules and regulations of the school environment very well. Unfortunately, my five year old was up to no good yesterday and a few cross words were exchanged. Apparently, Jacob decided to sing spontaneously in class during story time. Well, I reasoned, he is a happy little chap, there’s nothing really wrong with that. In addition, however, Jacob decided to laugh loudly and raucously when he was being ‘reprimanded’; the teacher failed to see the funny side but Jacob failed to see what the matter was! Oh well, he’s just asserting his sense of humour and it could be far worse…..I thought.

One other little thing Mrs Winchester……”Jacob is a little pre-occupied with the female staff members, in particular their breasts. He continues to look down their shirts saying ‘Have you got a new booby?’ We understand that this is obviously a repercussion of your situation, but it really is wearing a bit thin…..”

I don’t think it has anything to do with my situation. I think you better speak to his father…..

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