Sleepy Saturday 
Obviously Johnie didn’t get my vote on time. Oh well, could be another chance for a referendum; lets hope it ends in a better outcome. I mean I really love Lizzie (HRH) and Camilla is growing on me, (although the last time we met she had the audacity to suggest that to become a true pom, I should replace my vegemite with marmite and wear a hat at weddings)….. but the Royal Family have no place in our sunburnt country. I mean …………when was the last time you saw Prince Philip hopping in for a quick surf in his Speedos. And those two princes are have got private school English boy written all over them. Bet they didn’t cover Barbequing 101 at Oxford? Mind you Will could sizzle my sausages anytime….

Thank you so many lovely people for donating to such a worthy cause - I know some of you are to shy to post, so you are emailing me instead. My guilt at being blessed with so many lovely friends and family members will be eased if we all chip in to help the survivors in Bangladesh.

Relaxing day today. Sat in front of an open fire with lavender oil burning, just reading and resting (and eating the odd reindeer, Tabs). Jono took the kids to London to meet Dad and Jan where they went to the musical Wicked! Jacob went in a black cab and told me he ‘wants one’. Mum wandered down the High Street to see Santa Claus turn on the Xmas Lights. Battle is lovely on a day like today. Market stalls selling goodies and Xmas things, best dressed Xmas tree competition in the church, Santa in his grotto and loads of fun and festivities. I will try to get a photo of the lights and post it tomorrow. Battle Xmas lights are beautiful.

Took some bandages off today. Drain sights look to be healing very well. I have the stitches (clips) out on Monday. Although I have the official meeting to get the full pathology report on Thursday, I now have an informal meeting on Monday at 2pm to discuss SOME of the findings. Will let you know results. Am hoping for Stage 1 or 2 cancer with N0 or N1 (little or no involvement of lymph glands) and treatment to be drugs only. (Other factors involved of course.)

Our gig at the Ritz is looking great! Maree get over to Mr Bush’s for some rehearsals. My brothers have agreed to be bodyguards – Kylie will have her own of course, but when the media realise my phantom date will be there as well, I may a job to maintain any privacy (ie. Enjoy my sarnies in peace).

Have a lovely Sunday, Deb x

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