One Week Post Op 
Oh look, for goodness sake, STOP ASKING!!! You cannot come to the Ritz with me okay. Kylie has phoned and asked if she could join me cause she is suffering a little with low profile. Obviously being seen with me at such a prestigous establishment will do wonders for her reputation.....I agreed of course, although I was quick to add that if I received a call from Lizzie (HRH) I may have to take a raincheck.

Anyway, I agree the entertainment could be excellent with Mr Bush on Grand and Maree sprawled casually over the top - of the piano, not Mr Bush - but just mime please Maree, I've heard you sing....The pole dancing routines might not be 'tea material' though, so we may have to rehearse something a little more......sedate.

And now for Almost Anon....still haven't got it. But just to clarify everyone, they weren't laughing at MY dancing, just the jolly old occasion. My dancing was 'Pussycat Dolls Perfection', was it not?

I won't add much more other than to say that exactly one week ago I was lying in recovery after a long op. Today I went for a walk in the woods and it was lovely. Each day better and stronger. I may have some more info later about when I can expect the pathology/histiology reports. I had some poignant moments today with some people and, although nothing is very clear yet, some patterns are emerging:
*strong, HAPPY people around me make the days better.....
*there is no end to the astounding kindness and love of my network of friends,
*chocolate is better than paracetamol.
And as for my fantastic idea....well Tracy, you'll have to wait till tomorrow. Let's just say it could involve a party, a global fundraiser and some 'giving back'......and possibly Mr Bush on piano, Maree on pole and Kylie on vocals.....
Deb x

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