Drains Out Today 
Today I feel low.....lower than a pair of low rise hipsters on a Sumo wrestler.....Been spending too many late nights reading discussion forums on cancer websites (reputable ones) about secondary cancer and chemo etc. Not great bedtime reading......

One good thing today; district nurse came to take drains out so I am no longer tethered to drains and tubes. I was very nervous about the procedure so SMSd Wendy for hand-holding (yes I know I am a chicken) but in actual fact it was not painful really.

Angela, I know you will have looked this up but for those who don't know, as I had mastectomy and axillary clearance (which means several lymph nodes were removed) two drains are kept in place to drain the fluid - one of the functions of the lymphatic system - to prevent build up of fluid and swelling. When I get the results one of the important issues will be whether or not the cancer has spread to the lymphatic system. If it has there is obviously a much greater risk of the cancer spreading or having spread already. If the lymph nodes are negative for cancer my overall prognosis will be much better. Just one of the answers I can't wait to be told.....

See you in the soup x

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