You Won't Believe This! 
It is now 1.15am and of course I can't sleep....but you are not gonna believe this! I heard Jakey moaning in his sleep so went to check on him. He was lying in the middle of the floor with his little head using Big Tigger as a pillow. With much of a struggle my one good arm pulled him back into bed. Checked on Ali. She is lying upside down in her bed with no covers on. Had to wake her to get her back. Tess and Jono are sleeping downstairs in the loungeroom because Tess has been vomiting since 10pm....and still is judging by the sounds of things. And my mum is snoring so loudly the whole house is reverberating!!!! Wendy will hear and come over in a minute. Can you believe that? I should have stayed in hospital. Oh, you gotta laugh really.....
Will try some lavender oil now i

PS Note to myself to tell you about my fab new idea....tomorrow.

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