Day Three 
It really has been a day of two halves. After a visit early this morning with the girls it was becoming obvious that Deb was not receiving the care that she really required. She was still very tired and it appeared that there had been no attempt to get her mobile or any review the drugs she was being administered. She was still very nauseas and she was generally not happy. We only stayed a short time and the same applied at lunchtime when Jacob and Debs Mum went in.

On our return we had a neighbourly chat with Ian (Dr) and Wendy (Midwife) and a new strategy was devised.

When a visit was made in the afternoon by a good friend there was a challenge to the nurses about Debs progress. The nurses started to respond quicker and removed some of her drugs. A good wash, massage and general clean started the process. Sheets were changed and Deb immediately became more mobile – mainly due to the change in drugs. (I shall let Deb explain if she wishes to, when she can access the blog). When I called her tonight she was a different person. We are all relieved.

Tomorrow we are going to do a number of new initiatives to assist progress and we hope to see her back home early next week.

On reflection it seems that Deb was wired up to a number of systems and the staff let the machinery do the work rather than delivering good old fashioned monitoring to help their customer (sorry… patient – by god you need some!) As a result she was left. Once Deb started to challenge the nurses they respond because it seems they don’t want complaints – not good for the statistics. Sad really. What do families do that don’t have the support that we have through friends and family that have some medical knowledge? I suppose they don’t.

On this rather cynical note I am going to bed in the knowledge that for the first time in weeks we are making some really good progress.

Deb is so grateful for all the support and thank you again to all for messages and especially Martin, Jeniece and girls for the lovely flowers and chocs (tasted great! – joking!). Love also to Nan.


PS Two more meals entered in the meal book in Wendy’s porch – fab!!

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