Day Two - Recovery 
Tonight I feel that we are making some progress. When I went in at 8am Deb had had a bad night and she was tired and sad. However after reading the blogs and emails things started to brighten up a little. Special mention to the Perth ladies (women for you Ange!) who had champers for Deb and sent her a picture. She was moved to tears and wants to say a huge thank you. It really is the small surprises that make a big difference and Deb was thrilled.

Deb was really too tired for anything to day so I returned at lunch for 10 minutes. This afternoon Debs and my Mum poppped in but again she was too tired to really chat, however we all feel she has more colour and it can only get easier from now on. I have not taken the kids in yet. They have been very good and very understanding. Jacob wonders where his Mum is but in the main is just getting on with it - that is what kids are good at!! I may take them in on their own for a few minutes tomorrow but we shall see.

If you are thinking of visiting Deb I dont feel tomorrow would be a good time as she simply needs rest and I am sure we have all been there where chatting something over loads of time has a detramental effect. People are so kind but on this one I feel it is better to let her be. If you could call me first we would be grateful. I am starting to think it may be better to leave all visits until she is home, but as we have done for the past 3 weeks, it is 1 day at a time.

There is no more news on the Op and we simply count the days. I think though we are becoming more positive.

Deb's Dad and Jan have been terrific and are taking the girls up to a London show next weekend, which they are thrilled about.

Deb cannot get the internet in hospital so Jan printed all the blog entries so she can read them. Keep them coming, they make her day! Thank you James and Rita.

Anyway I am off for a pint tonight with my mate and perhaps even a game of snooker and down the working mens club (just like my grandad did 80 years ago!) Now where is my cloth hat........

Everyone take care and love the one your with.

Jono xxxx

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