A Big Day 
It has been a big day for all of us close to Deb and it was good to see her this afternoon briefly after her 3.5 hour operation. I felt terrible seeing my little girl in so much pain, but like the girl she is, she managed to whisper to me that she would see me at "pump" tonight.

Jono has been through the wringer in the last month and has been at her side most of the day, I know he gave a sigh of relief tonight seeing her gradually improve after the surgery.
It seems to have gone well and she is recovering rapidly, now for the long wait to get the pathology results.

I know Deb will be anxious to get back on to bring you all up to date, but it is great to see her over part one of this ordeal. Those of you in Aus will want to know that Deb's favourite foods from there are Minties and Tim Tams.
Debs Dad

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