An Afterthought 
Just an afterthought.....there is something cruelly unjust about living one's life with small insignificant breasts only to suddenly find that it is EVERYONES favourite topic of conversation! Where is the logic in that? Maybe toe cancer would be a more easily digestable topic of conversation. Anyway, to all of my Aussie friends, you just get on down to The Saint on Friday night and have a few drinks with me in mind (make sure Deb B behaves, tell Anne-Marie to stop talking work and ask Caroline when the hell she is coming to visit me? And Angela...stop oggling the know you probably taught them!
Talk to you soon, To my lovely English friends, please make sure your NHS contributions are up to date - it might mean the difference between chicken and rice or toast for me. Wishing I could have my laptop in hospital. Love to you all
Debbie xxxxx

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