Enjoying The Autumn Air 
This morning Lisa, Kerry and I set off for Bedgebury and cycled through the beautiful autumn woodlands. It was very peaceful and refreshing and so lovely to get some fresh air! We stopped half way around for a break and it was so quiet that you could hear the leaves tinkle against each other as they fell to the ground. Kerry wanted to kill us by going around again but 9 miles was enough for Lisa even though she had ample padding protecting her bottom (she's gonna kill me!) I came home and had soup for lunch (made by Lucy), begrudgingly handed my ironing over to Kerry (well, she insisted!) and succumbed to Tracy's insistance that the girls go over there on Saturday. For dessert I finished off the chocolate kindly sent to me by Emma (from the gym). After topping up the six vases of flowers I have received recently, I tried on the pyjamas given to me by Wendy (for hospital) then checked my emails on my new laptop (bought without so much as a squeak of protest by my lovely husband!). After a brief nap, I woke up feeling quiet nauseous - when will it be the right time to tell them 'I'm just kidding! There's nothing wrong with me at all!?' If I have a chance to write earlier tomorrow, I will tell the story from the beginning ie. discovering the lump, because people keep asking.

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