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Deb's Day

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Everybody Has A Song In Them! 
Hello you lot. I can’t believe the amount of people reading this now. It is so amazing to know you are all out there. I think I would be suffering badly from withdrawal having given up my classes if it weren’t for your comments on the blog and emails.
Nothing much to report today as I am a bit tired. I am feeling more relaxed about this whole thing though. It suddenly all seems so ‘do-able’. I have decided if I lose my hair I might as well go for something different. The whole bald Brittany image doesn’t really do it for me (although I’m okay with the hug boots and short skirts thing, I couldn’t go out with no undies on) so I think I’ll go for lustrous locks in a deep shade of red. I was contemplating black but I can hear your ‘witchy’ remarks from here…..go on, admit it, you were thinking it. I may even don an Audrey Hepburn ensemble for our Tea At The Ritz gig! Although that may make Kylie feel a little too contemporary so I’ll have to run that by her.

There is a fine line between a little information and a lot of information as far as children go, isn’t there. We have kept ours quite informed of recent events and they seem to be taking it in their stride. Jacob has an unnatural obsession with exactly ‘where’ my old ‘booby’ might be, however. Yes, I can hear you choking on your morning biscuits, try to explain that one! He asks every afternoon on his return from school, ‘Have you got a new booby yet?’ and he is always quick to suggest that it would probably be best if I stuck a new one on ‘with superglue’.

I had a blast from the past today. When I first started teaching in Perth, I became entwined with a local band through which I met my Kiwi friends. I was going out with the guitarist, Jo was going out with the keyboard player, Phil, and Glenda was just hoping to go out……with anybody (just kidding Roons)! Anyway to cut a long story short I wrote a song (I have played guitar since I was little) and the band, Hego Zygo, recorded it and in fact, used to play it at their gigs. I had forgotten all about it but PHIL SENT IT TO ME TODAY and it’s so great listening to it. See you didn’t know that about me did you! Now, it should be no surprise when I tell you that Kylie has only recently discovered my song writing abilities and is trying to get me to commit to a 2 year contract for her next album. I am very busy though for the next year, what with my commitment to Girls Aloud and Madonna, but I may be able to produce some profound lyrics during my chemo treatment – yes, profound they would be! Anyway I might ask Phil to post it on the blog – it’s a ripper. Right next to Lorna’s plum crumble recipe (which I have had loads of requests for).

Have a great day, Debx

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Go On , Add Your Bit.... 
Oh please stop Mr Bush – the thought of you in Speedos is causing me to blush!! How come it’s so hot over there already???? Global warming or is the new PM, dear Kev., heating things up? Hello Tess and Jo from my Tuesday class – how I miss you all!!! I hope you are still working hard though. Sue and James from NZ – great to hear from you…knew you lot would be in for a global fundraiser; any excuse for a party, hey? Maree, I am distraught to think Lords is closing down (not the cricket ground but a large gym in Perth). Where will all the regulars go? Where will you teach? It has come to my attention that some of you are too shy to post! Go on, you know you want to.....And many of you have told me that you are really enjoying seeing the unfolding stories and characters. We could be a movie really.....

Speaking of movies....went to see American Gangster tonight – very long and quite violent. Think I’ll go and see Stardust again – that’s far more uplifting! Nothing much to report except that I spent a large sum online last night buying some ‘blousy’ type shirts which will hopefully detract from my lopsidedness! Didn’t buy any double-breasted jackets though, ha! Got home and realised I’ve missed the Kylie special – bugger! Don’t suppose anyone taped it? Oh well, I’ll be seeing her soon – she asked me to co-write some songs for her new album as soon as she read my poem here on the blog. She was most impressed but she did say she would prefer it if I didn’t use words such as Sunday roast and spew….can’t think why.
See you later. Deb x

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Sleepy Saturday 
Obviously Johnie didn’t get my vote on time. Oh well, could be another chance for a referendum; lets hope it ends in a better outcome. I mean I really love Lizzie (HRH) and Camilla is growing on me, (although the last time we met she had the audacity to suggest that to become a true pom, I should replace my vegemite with marmite and wear a hat at weddings)….. but the Royal Family have no place in our sunburnt country. I mean …………when was the last time you saw Prince Philip hopping in for a quick surf in his Speedos. And those two princes are have got private school English boy written all over them. Bet they didn’t cover Barbequing 101 at Oxford? Mind you Will could sizzle my sausages anytime….

Thank you so many lovely people for donating to such a worthy cause - I know some of you are to shy to post, so you are emailing me instead. My guilt at being blessed with so many lovely friends and family members will be eased if we all chip in to help the survivors in Bangladesh.

Relaxing day today. Sat in front of an open fire with lavender oil burning, just reading and resting (and eating the odd reindeer, Tabs). Jono took the kids to London to meet Dad and Jan where they went to the musical Wicked! Jacob went in a black cab and told me he ‘wants one’. Mum wandered down the High Street to see Santa Claus turn on the Xmas Lights. Battle is lovely on a day like today. Market stalls selling goodies and Xmas things, best dressed Xmas tree competition in the church, Santa in his grotto and loads of fun and festivities. I will try to get a photo of the lights and post it tomorrow. Battle Xmas lights are beautiful.

Took some bandages off today. Drain sights look to be healing very well. I have the stitches (clips) out on Monday. Although I have the official meeting to get the full pathology report on Thursday, I now have an informal meeting on Monday at 2pm to discuss SOME of the findings. Will let you know results. Am hoping for Stage 1 or 2 cancer with N0 or N1 (little or no involvement of lymph glands) and treatment to be drugs only. (Other factors involved of course.)

Our gig at the Ritz is looking great! Maree get over to Mr Bush’s for some rehearsals. My brothers have agreed to be bodyguards – Kylie will have her own of course, but when the media realise my phantom date will be there as well, I may a job to maintain any privacy (ie. Enjoy my sarnies in peace).

Have a lovely Sunday, Deb x

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