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Deb's Day

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See You At Pump On Thursday 
Today I was driving back from a friend's house with all the children in the car after having a lovely lunch. Whilst stopped at a T junction, a man turned into my road really quickly and nearly wiped out the front of my car. I can't actually recall swearing but I must have done because Jacob piped up 'Wa..er driver!' from the back seat very clearly. Fortunately both the girls were listening to Ali's MP3 player so didn't hear. They asked why I was laughing loudly and I had to make something up AND turn the radio up because jacob assumed he must have said something very funny so kept repeating it! I must learn to tone down my reactions!

Tomorrow I meet with the oncologist. I will hopefully get my plan and dates so I can at least know what I will be doing when. So many things to include on my 2008 calender......wig shopping, head and bucket meetings, prothesis fittings....not to mention radioactive training...

I will be teaching Pump this Thursday at 7pm which I am really excited about! I want to say hello to everyone and Merry Xmas (I might even have a reindeer prize or two). It will be lovely to do a whole class for one more time before I am forced to quit the exercise for a while. So book in now and WEAR YOUR XMAS HATS!!! Maree, if you catch the 4pm flight from Perth on Tuesday you should make it. See you there...... Deb x

PS Any requests for the class on thursday, let me know. And Jane, if you are coming, can you please shave off that facial hair - I find it very offputting....

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Sick Of Being Sick! 

Yesterday was the Infants Xmas Play so we watched Jacob doing his reindeer rendition and singing various Xmas songs. All the year ones were just part of the chorus so they had to sit still for quite a while as the play went on around them. Jacob was very well behaved for the whole play, apart from when he tried to trip the chickens up as they danced past him.

In the afternoon I went for a walk in the woods with Tess who chattered away the whole time. She is not very happy at the moment – she has a huge dilemma that she just can’t solve. Apparently every day at lunchtime at school, one of her friends says to her ‘Tess, can we have a private chat now please?’ She really likes this friend and feels she can’t tell her she has other things to do. However, her favourite lunchtime pastime is ‘chasing boys’. So she feels very grumpy everyday when her friend insists they have a ‘private chat’ because she would much rather be chasing boys. I told her really there wasn’t any dilemma – if boys were there to be chased, then she should get on with the chasing!

On the health front, it would appear that even breast cancer sufferers are not excluded from the seasonal bugs and viruses. I spent last night, and most of the day, groaning away with stomach pains and nausea. Great! I finally had a piece of toast late afternoon which I thought was a better option than cracking open my huge chocolate reindeer, although I was tempted.

I have started looking at various websites for scarves, hats and wigs and am amazed at the huge variety available. I am fluctuating between a Rastafarian wig with real live creatures living in the dreadlocks and a Farah Fawcett flick. I must tell you the irony of me having to wear a wig tomorrow but for now, see you later, Deb x

This photo was taken last weekend - these woods are right behind us and I am practising the walk I will take with my dog when Jonathan finally relents and agrees to us having one - should be any moment now!

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Jester Delivers 

Look some people will do anything to stand out! Due to the number of people delivering dinner to me, the competition has become fierce! Ian was so desperate to make his delivery a memorable one that he even dressed up! I told him he would have been memorable without the costume.....(I have to add that he didn't cook the meal, it was another of Wendy's fabulous creations!) You don't need to send any more meals everyone, my arm is healed enough to stir now! Jono is still waiting for those prawns though Wayne; perhaps you didn't put the correct postage on?

I did actually cook for myself on Monday as I received a big box of freshly dug vegetables from Sarah's allotment. I made a delicious lentil and root vegetable stew which was extra special because of its local ingredients - thank you Sarah. You know it's only because you do Pump that you can still dig up a turnip in your condition!
Bye for now, Deb x

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