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Deb's Day

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Flathead, Bald head or Fishface? 
I have yet to test my baldness on the unsuspecting public but I couldn’t resist trying it out yesterday. I was in the front room sorting out the pile of washing that I deliberately avoided on Sunday (Mother’s Day) when I saw a young man in a smart suit heading for my front door. He had a satchel type thing around his shoulder and looked to me like a Jehovah Witness. Perfect I thought! So I whipped off my scarf and opened the door with a very serious sort of scowl. Well, the poor boy nearly fell over backwards. He thrust a leaflet in my hand, mumbled something about spreading the word and hightailed it out of here! And here I was wanting to chat about the intricacies of his religion. I felt a bit bad about scaring him but then I thought about how much I hate people knocking at my door selling things (or concepts) and thought I might be on to a winner here!

Did you have a relaxing weekend? Mine was okay except that I spent several hours talking to my brothers, my Dad and Jan and my bridesmaid Glenda and I felt very homesick. Especially because they were all having BBQs of some type with lovely Aussie fish and wine, sitting outdoors in beautiful warm weather…….But I managed to get a couple of swims in and I went to Body Balance on Friday which was excellent. I also planted a new herb garden and spoke to the oregano, sage and parsley encouraging them to grow quickly in time for them to be included in some lovely summer salads and BBQs in my OWN garden in only a few months time……(ever the optimist!)

I also received a few emails from friends I haven’t heard from for ages. This blog is becoming very widely read. One email was from a lovely friend who I used to teach with, Amy. Amy was always full of amazingly good ideas but she has really come up with an astoundingly logical and much needed concept this time. Check out her website at www.indigokidz.com.au It’s all about meditation and relaxation for children and teaching them to become more in touch with their feelings and spirituality. Much needed in this crazy world, don’t you think?

I’m off to the fish market. I must have moaned so much on the weekend about how much I miss decent fish that Wendy is taking me down to the Hastings seafront. Not sure I will be convinced though – there’s only so many ways you can do Cod isn’t there? Have a great day, love Deb x
PS Hey Jane, I really should come to this motown night - I could wear my St Lucia dreadlocks!
PPS I love hearing all your news in the comments section - well done Zena and Janet for trying Attack! Very impressive!

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Are You Eating Your Broccoli? 
I didn’t tell you about how hospitable my body has become. I think I am naturally a generous person but my body has now officially become the ‘hostess with the mostess’. First it provides a welcoming home, it would seem, to a tumour the size of a nectarine…. And then next my body decides to host another intruder the size of a large orange!! My insides are a veritable fruit salad! Yes, it would seem that all those years of extremely painful and heavy periods were not without cause. One of my body scans showed my womb was enlarged so the oncologist referred me for an internal ultrasound (we women get all the best toys to play with!). This showed that my most obliging uterus was hosting a very large fibroid, and she couldn’t get past this obstacle to see whether there were any more! Whilst I have yet to have the outcome confirmed by yet another surgeon at the hospital, it looks like I am due for a hysterectomy as soon as my BC treatment is finished. Well, what can I say? There could be a nice opportunity here, I’m thinking….I am wondering if the fibroid (which is just a benign growth) could be transplanted to my left breast? Two operations performed in one! To be honest, I am not worried about the operation. But I am VERY worried about having to spend more time in that hospital, and then having to take the 4 to 6 weeks off to recover! As if I won’t have spent enough time ‘convalescing’ this year. Might book in a hip replacement as well. Just get every possible lifetime eventuality out of the way in one year….

I am reading a great book called The Breast Cancer Prevention and Recovery Diet by Suzannah Olivier. It is fascinating and is mostly devoted to the role nutrition plays in our health. “Many foods are now being described as ‘chemo preventative’ and it is acknowledged that certain foods have a pharmacological effect – items such as broccoli, soya, oriental mushrooms, garlic and live yoghurt. The problem is that these foods and nutrients can’t be patented and there is no money to be had in researching them, meaning that any research is motivated by academic interest rather than profit. Nevertheless the fact that trials are taking place at all is a strong indication of how seriously the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer is being taken.”

Anyway, it has been a great few days. Lovely weather for kids to enjoy half term. Last night I went to Body Balance and it was very relaxing (my abs are a little sore today but I’m sure they’ll be worse tomorrow when I have my head in a bucket).
Well, so long for a few days. Please, please, please keep all your fingers crossed with me that the nausea is controlled a bit better this time. I wish I could go to sleep now and wake up next Thursday. See you soon, Deb x

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Brunettes Have More Fun! 
Wow! What a busy weekend! And such amazing weather. Yes, just like you lot down under we had fabulous blue skies and sunshine for both days. Unlike down under our maximum temp was about 5 degrees I think, but who’s complaining! My weekend got off to a great start with a quick trip to a large hardware store to buy some flooring (we are doing a side entrance into the house – jonathan calls it the shoe and coat room but it will actually be the dog entrance when s/he arrives!) Anyway, whilst unloading the very heavy materials into my car, a rather tall handsome young man was passing and asked if he could help me. As you know, my pre-surgery, Body Pumped self would have said ‘Bugger off mate, I can lift these planks with my little finger’. However, my post surgery, chemo-weakened body decided against this. With a subtle flick of my long auburn locks (subtle because I was afraid my wig might fall off), I batted my rapidly disappearing lashes and said ‘That would be so kind of you….’ Mr Tall and Gorgeous started chatting and I am sure he was about to offer to come and actually lay the flooring (I said flooring Jane…) when Tess piped up from the back of the car, ‘Mum, Dad’s on the phone – he said can you get a paintbrush?’ Timing Tess. So Mr Tall and Gorgeous retreated rather forlornly – well, he may have just been keen to get to Tescos….

I went for a long walk in the woods in the afternoon as it was such a lovely day then last night a few of us got together at Helen’s for what was supposed to be a quiet drink or two. Jane came along with her karaoke machine, however, so quiet we were not! I really can’t say what happened but Jane has more reason than me to be worried about ‘YouTube’! Almost all of us proved to be potential candidates for the next series of Pop Idol, such talent in one room, and it proved to be a highly amusing evening (except for one incident which involved Jane wrestling me for the microphone with such desperation that she nearly pulled my wig off! God, some people will do ANYTHING for their 5 minutes of fame!)

Today we had friends for lunch and I did the full Sunday roast with (are you ready for this Mum?) a genuine, homemade Pav! What a ripper! Then I decided I had to mow the lawn as the sun was still shining. So as I am a bit knackered now I better go to bed! Still three more priceless days of wellbeing before the dreaded bed and bucket confinement….I will certainly be making the most of EVERY minute. Must tell you tomorrow about the bonus part to my body that will also require surgery this year…think I better move closer to the hospital; it would save so much time….Deb x
Photos to follow!

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