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  • 2008
    • December
      • Back At Last!
        Hello is anyone out there??? Finally I have time and the equipment to add an entry! My laptop has been out of action for 5 weeks then, when I finally got it back, I started an entry and then lost all data again. It has been fixed (I hope) by having the hard drive replaced.
        Well, Lorna, as per

    • September
      • Fit For Nothing???!!
        Well Madonna was fab! How incredible she is for 50! I did pick up a few ideas Maree…I’m thinking short shorts and fishnets for the launch of the new Pump release. Add an electric guitar instead of a barbell and I feel sure we will be mistaken for Madonna. (I may have to find a blonde wig). What do y

      • How Are Your Bones?
        Hello, hello! Just a quick note to say I am still alive ! I have had some problems with my internet this past week which is ironic really as the children went back to school last Thursday so FINALLY when I might have some time to write….I can’t!

        All is fine here. I had a bone density scan

    • August
      • Hello At Last.....

        Hello bloggers! Sorry for the long delay. We have had friends from Oz staying with us and then a week in the Lake District which was fantastic (except for a few rainy days). School holidays now, and with another LOOONNNNGGG four weeks ahead of me things are looking interesting….I put t

    • July
      • Back To The Gym!
        I have just been away on a two day forum for younger women affected by breast cancer – yes, we are still in the minority. Of the 44,300 people diagnosed last year, less than 8,000 were under 45. The forum was organised by Breast Cancer Care and it was just amazing. I learnt more in those two days th

    • June

      • 06/29/08

      • 06/26/08

      • We Walked The Ribbon!
        We did it! We did it! We finished the Ribbon Walk! We started at 9.30 on Saturday and crossed the finish line at about 5pm! It was a very long 20 miles with many hills that we hadn’t really counted on. There were 7 of us in our team; Kerry, Lisa, Vicky, Heather, Lorna and my cousin from Australia, L

      • Two Roads Diverged.....
        ‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I….I took the one less travelled by….’ Anyone remember the poet? It was one of my favourite poems in High School. I could make this a guessing competition as Jane so cleverly won the 'Guess Mr Bush's first name' competition but i am sure you would ch

    • May
      • Getting Ready To Glow!
        It has been so funny reading your daily comments on my last post that I didn’t have the heart to ruin that particular thread….but as you are asking how I am…..
        I am loving the clues to Mr Bush’s name – no-one close yet but some good thoughts there Jane, I’m well impressed with your logic, had y

      • 05/13/08

      • 05/05/08

    • April

      • 04/24/08

      • Confessions Of A Cancer Patient
        Thank you all so much for your VERY generous donations. Through this link even you guys in OZ can donate which is fantastic.

        This has been a very low week for me this week, not just because my body is trying to recover after my 5th intrave

      • 04/04/08

      • Wanna See My New Shoes?????
        Hello everyone. I am feeling a bit more cheery today as I spent the day yesterday at Bluewater! Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer you up. It was lovely there – great variety of shops but the best part for me was going to Pret a Manger where they have the best salads and sandwiches. Very

    • March
      • Not Enough For A Snowman!

        If you look closely enough at this picture of Jacob and his friend Rachael you will see the snow! Easter here was VERY cold with several small dismal attempts at a snowfall but it didn't settle. My weekend was brightened up by the appearance of the largest chocolate bunny you have

      • Happy Easter To You!
        Has the World Events Planner read the wrong version of the Bible? Could there be any other explanation as to why Easter is this early? And I have just seen the weather forecast which is looking pretty horrible so it won’t be conducive to little bunnies hopping around in the garden on Easter Egg hunt

      • 03/13/08

      • Cocoa Overload

        We couldn't crack the reindeer last night because we were all too busy but pester power resulted in the demise of poor Ralph Reindeer today! The big event has resulted in tears and manic behaviour. I am trying to peel Ali and Tess off the ceiling as the sugar overdose has had rath

      • 03/09/08

      • Flathead, Bald head or Fishface?
        I have yet to test my baldness on the unsuspecting public but I couldn’t resist trying it out yesterday. I was in the front room sorting out the pile of washing that I deliberately avoided on Sunday (Mother’s Day) when I saw a young man in a smart suit heading for my front door. He had a satchel typ

    • February

      • 02/28/08

      • Are You Eating Your Broccoli?
        I didn’t tell you about how hospitable my body has become. I think I am naturally a generous person but my body has now officially become the ‘hostess with the mostess’. First it provides a welcoming home, it would seem, to a tumour the size of a nectarine…. And then next my body decides to host ano

      • Brunettes Have More Fun!
        Wow! What a busy weekend! And such amazing weather. Yes, just like you lot down under we had fabulous blue skies and sunshine for both days. Unlike down under our maximum temp was about 5 degrees I think, but who’s complaining! My weekend got off to a great start with a quick trip to a large hardwar

      • Love Is In The Air!
        I am sick. A bad head cold which is quite miserable and keeping me confined to the house because if I get a temperature I have to go to A and E due to my white blood cell count being wiped out. There is no way I am spending any more time in that hospital than necessary so I am resting and eating loa

      • Sink or Swim?
        Hello all! I haven’t written much because I have been out being ‘normal’. Went for a few walks and met some friends and it was extra lovely to be out of my house socializing. Something fantastic has just happened in my next door neighbour’s garden. Wendy and her family are all avid swimmers and spen

      • 02/06/08

      • Check Your Pancakes For Lumps
        I love the jokes! Also like the songs, thanks Positive Thinking Dresser Upper (aka Lorna methinks!), particularly the Crowded House one. And thank you all for the useful links so many of you put in your comments on the last post. (Uncle Philip is looking even more Australian, Michelle – great photo!

      • 02/04/08

    • January
      • To Be Or Not To Be.....Brunette or Blonde?
        I think these photos speak for themselves....

        I had to tie the scarf on to squash the hair down a bit as I'm not used to having so much hair.....I have just ordered another blonde one and then I will choose a different look for every day. I will post my 'Carribean

      • It's Cold Up Here!
        I can see what’s happening here…..I am going to get the blame for Lorna’s transformation from ‘demure, quiet, shy young lady’ to (in the words of Janet)…’a raver’! I know it! But like you rightly say Lorna – ‘it’s all in the dressing up daaaarrrrlllling!’ Give us a costume and we’ll rise to the occ

      • Bad Hair Day
        Oh you do make me laugh…..yes, Lisa you are right. There is an upside to every situation and borrowing Lorna’s cowboy hat just might be the answer here. I was not at all pleased to see that several more handfuls of hair came out again today. It will all be gone in a few days. I’m not just talking ha

      • You Are All Mad!
        I am very reluctant to add another entry because I am so enjoying the parallel conversations and subtext from all of you!!! Who are these mystery people commenting on the weather, one wonders?
        Hey Janet, I have my very own companion set and I don’t use it to stoke the wood fire! Remember that

      • Successful Fundraiser!
        Bannatyne's was buzzing yesterday with many full classes in the aerobic marathon and a fantastic auction. Thank you to all of you who came - and special thanks for Lorna who spent so much time organising it! There were some great auction lots and I tried to bid for a sporty mercedies for the we

      • Anyone For A Dip?
        Cancel ALL Sunday plans! Forget the roast and don’t buy the newspapers…you will be too busy. The Breast Cancer Fundraiser is going to be AMAZING so get yourself down to Bannatyne’s. Especially be there at 5.30pm for the auction – you will not believe the auction lots….THE LATEST ONE…..


      • Turn the Heating Down Please
        Thank you Janet for your comments, it certainly is a worry I think. Lisa and Jill….you know I have always secretly been in awe of our scouser friend…..I WANT TO BE ONE!!! Watch out for my orange tan when you see me on Sunday!

        I feel better today. Went for a little walk then tonight I did

      • 01/16/08

      • Breast Cancer Fundraiser
        I am still working on my 'global fundraiser' but meantime Lorna and the Bannatyne's team have been busy organising a fabulous fundraiser for the Lavender Trust - a branch of Breast Cancer Care aimed at younger women.

        IT IS THIS SUNDAY!!!!!! It is a fabulous aerobic maratho

      • 01/14/08

      • Some Days To Forget
        Hello to you all. As you will have guessed I was destined to have my meeting with the bucket and it was a rather long and painful affair. No more details necessary, but my GP did come to the rescue after 24 hours of vomiting with an injection which lessened the ordeal. Have just felt sick the past

      • Day 1, Chemo Cycle 1
        I just logged on and read all your comments on my last post. How lovely to hear from you all! It’s great reading all your posts and imagining you going about your lives wherever you are. Thank you!

        Well, much to my incredible amazement it is now 3 hours post chemo and I am sitting up and

      • St Lucia Sunshine

        No time to say much tonight. We got in at 6.30am and have been trying to catch up all day as tomorrow at 9.00 I am in hospital for the first chemo. Hopefully the pictures will tell you about our holiday. It was lovely. Lots of sun and swimming. Way too much eating and drinking but I wa

  • 2007
    • December
      • Happy Christmas

        Tonight I took my Pump class again for the first time since I was diagnosed on the 29th of October. I am still on a high. Although I couldn’t do some things like the press ups, I managed ok and maybe some people may not have noticed that my operation was quite recent. The hardest thing

      • Setting The Standards
        As you know I went to meet the oncologist on Monday and I decided I had no option but to dress appropriately. I felt they had to know exactly what the chemo ward was dealing with. You see, as an Australian, there is a perception that we are all Kath or Kim types and I knew the consultant might be ex

      • 12/18/07

      • See You At Pump On Thursday
        Today I was driving back from a friend's house with all the children in the car after having a lovely lunch. Whilst stopped at a T junction, a man turned into my road really quickly and nearly wiped out the front of my car. I can't actually recall swearing but I must have done because Jaco

      • Sick Of Being Sick!

        Yesterday was the Infants Xmas Play so we watched Jacob doing his reindeer rendition and singing various Xmas songs. All the year ones were just part of the chorus so they had to sit still for quite a while as the play went on around them. Jacob was very well behaved for the whole play, apart

      • Jester Delivers

        Look some people will do anything to stand out! Due to the number of people delivering dinner to me, the competition has become fierce! Ian was so desperate to make his delivery a memorable one that he even dressed up! I told him he would have been memorable without the costume.....(I

      • Will You Bend My Spoon?
        My brothers will love this next bit! Yesterday I had an email from some lovely friends who told me that someone special they knew would like to talk to me. I emailed them my phone number and, lo and behold, last night I received a phone call from none other than Uri Geller! Yes, that would be THE U

      • Not Quite Logical Yet
        I am just amazed at your emails and comments! With so much positive feedback and well wishes it is impossible for me to be miserable. Thank you all so much. Yesterday was a very special day for me. Since Bannatynes opened, Lorna and I have always had a quarterly launch for the latest BodyPump relea

      • 12/09/07

      • Naughty Boy Jacob!
        I had a ‘first’ yesterday. After having three children in school for quite a while now, I have never been called in to discuss their behaviour at any time. Generally, all three have obligingly got on with the rules and regulations of the school environment very well. Unfortunately, my five year old

      • Nutritional Content Of A Reindeer
        Hello all,
        I have not posted for a couple of days because I have been and eating chocolate reindeers! Have now done all my Xmas shopping and it was Ali's birthday yesterday - I can't believe she is 11!

        I went to see a nutritionist this morning. Her name i

      • Transport Home From Hospital

        After my less than favourable experience at the local hospital the NHS thought they should try to make my transport home a little more comfortable. Whilst I was reasonably happy with the limousine itself, I was quite disappointed that the mini-bar only had a half bottle of Moet and som

      • Listen to my music

      • 12/02/07

    • November
      • The Ritz Party expands

        How embarrasing - this is no relative of mine! Oh,alright Cory and Tara, you two can come to the Ritz as well (but can you leave the horns at home). Is that okay by you James (can't say I'm happy about the colour clash, green and purple - what on earth will I wear?)

      • 11/30/07

      • A Cream Tea In Rye

        Went to Rye today so Mum could have a real Sussex Cream Tea. Despite the grey skies it was very nice there. We drove past Paul McCartney's recording studio on the way there but I just didn't have time to drop in and help him with his writer's block. Possibly next week! M

      • Everybody Has A Song In Them!
        Hello you lot. I can’t believe the amount of people reading this now. It is so amazing to know you are all out there. I think I would be suffering badly from withdrawal having given up my classes if it weren’t for your comments on the blog and emails.
        Nothing much to report today as I am a bit

      • 11/27/07

      • Go On , Add Your Bit....
        Oh please stop Mr Bush – the thought of you in Speedos is causing me to blush!! How come it’s so hot over there already???? Global warming or is the new PM, dear Kev., heating things up? Hello Tess and Jo from my Tuesday class – how I miss you all!!! I hope you are still working hard though. Sue an

      • Sleepy Saturday
        Obviously Johnie didn’t get my vote on time. Oh well, could be another chance for a referendum; lets hope it ends in a better outcome. I mean I really love Lizzie (HRH) and Camilla is growing on me, (although the last time we met she had the audacity to suggest that to become a true pom, I should re

      • 11/24/07

      • My Date For The Ritz

        I have received an email from a very special man in my life..someone whose strength and raw magnetic appeal I have admired for many years. And, most thrillingly, he has agreed to accompany me to the Ritz!!!! In full costume!!! I am, once again, speechless with joy. But James what is th

      • One Week Post Op
        Oh look, for goodness sake, STOP ASKING!!! You cannot come to the Ritz with me okay. Kylie has phoned and asked if she could join me cause she is suffering a little with low profile. Obviously being seen with me at such a prestigous establishment will do wonders for her reputation.....I agreed of co

      • 11/22/07

      • Drains Out Today
        Today I feel low.....lower than a pair of low rise hipsters on a Sumo wrestler.....Been spending too many late nights reading discussion forums on cancer websites (reputable ones) about secondary cancer and chemo etc. Not great bedtime reading......

        One good thing today; district nurse ca

      • You Won't Believe This!
        It is now 1.15am and of course I can't sleep....but you are not gonna believe this! I heard Jakey moaning in his sleep so went to check on him. He was lying in the middle of the floor with his little head using Big Tigger as a pillow. With much of a struggle my one good arm pulled him back into

      • My Brother and family

        Penny sent me this last night. My brother, lovely wife Penny and gorgeous baby Zaiden. Taken in Perth of course. Pen, tell baby Den I will send him a photo of a REAL beach....with stones on! Penny you have obviously given up takeaways - you look fab! Is Wayne eating them? Love you lots

      • Everyone Has A Bad Day
        When I first started this blog its main purpose was to keep people, both in Australia and here in the UK, up to date. So many of you were concerned and, especially with the time delay between here and Oz, it is not always easy to talk. I kind of thought that maybe it would be a learning curve and a

      • A Poem For You
        1 am and I can't sleep ....again. I have just made up a poem for you. Are you ready?

        Life is like a box of chocolates, some are soft and gooey,
        Sometimes you might find one that is uncomfortably chewy.

        Life is like a florist shop with blooms of every hue,
        Some ma

      • 11/20/07

      • It's Me Again
        Hello to you all. My dear dad has bought me in a laptop and portable modem so am able to connect for a half hour or so. I have just read your comments and I can't believe how many wonderful friends have logged on. Please don't worry about me. All is good now really. I am moving and not fee

      • Day Three
        It really has been a day of two halves. After a visit early this morning with the girls it was becoming obvious that Deb was not receiving the care that she really required. She was still very tired and it appeared that there had been no attempt to get her mobile or any review the drugs she was bei

      • Day Two - Recovery
        Tonight I feel that we are making some progress. When I went in at 8am Deb had had a bad night and she was tired and sad. However after reading the blogs and emails things started to brighten up a little. Special mention to the Perth ladies (women for you Ange!) who had champers for Deb and sent he

      • A Big Day
        It has been a big day for all of us close to Deb and it was good to see her this afternoon briefly after her 3.5 hour operation. I felt terrible seeing my little girl in so much pain, but like the girl she is, she managed to whisper to me that she would see me at "pump" tonight.

      • 11/16/07

      • An Afterthought
        Just an afterthought.....there is something cruelly unjust about living one's life with small insignificant breasts only to suddenly find that it is EVERYONES favourite topic of conversation! Where is the logic in that? Maybe toe cancer would be a more easily digestable topic of conversation. A

      • So Long, Farewell.......
        ... Glenda's wedding day...

        ... to my left breast that is, not you....In a few hours I go into hospital. I have uploaded a photo of my beautiful friend Glenda on her wedding day in April this year. Now you can stop looking at her and examine the REAL reason for the photo - the last

      • 11/14/07

      • Bonfire Night

        It was Bonfire Night recently and the kids had fun with sparklers, whilst watching the neighbour's home display of fireworks. As you cannot buy fireworks in Australia at all they quite enjoyed the novelty! Mind you there was always fireworks in my brother's house in Perth - d

      • I Love Your Comments!
        Ok it would appear that some of you know me too well. I obviously haven't gotten away with my 'barely fitting a B cup' statement. Well it may have been a slight 'over-inflation' but lets face it we are all self-deluded to a certain extent. Anyway, you'll all be jealous

      • "Not Good News"
        On Friday 12th October I was sitting in the study doing some work on the computer. I was fiddling with the edge of my bra because the lace edge had tucked under and was annoying me. In the process of fixing this and scratching the irritated skin, I found a lump. After establishing that the lump was

      • "Not Good News"
        On Friday 12th October I was sitting in the study doing some work on the computer. I was fiddling with the edge of my bra because the lace edge had tucked under and was annoying me. In the process of fixing this and scratching the irritated skin, I found a lump. After establishing that the lump was

      • 11/13/07

      • Enjoying The Autumn Air
        This morning Lisa, Kerry and I set off for Bedgebury and cycled through the beautiful autumn woodlands. It was very peaceful and refreshing and so lovely to get some fresh air! We stopped half way around for a break and it was so quiet that you could hear the leaves tinkle against each other as they