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      • Happy Christmas

        Tonight I took my Pump class again for the first time since I was diagnosed on the 29th of October. I am still on a high. Although I couldn’t do some things like the press ups, I managed ok and maybe some people may not have noticed that my operation was quite recent. The hardest thing

      • Setting The Standards
        As you know I went to meet the oncologist on Monday and I decided I had no option but to dress appropriately. I felt they had to know exactly what the chemo ward was dealing with. You see, as an Australian, there is a perception that we are all Kath or Kim types and I knew the consultant might be ex

      • 12/18/07

      • See You At Pump On Thursday
        Today I was driving back from a friend's house with all the children in the car after having a lovely lunch. Whilst stopped at a T junction, a man turned into my road really quickly and nearly wiped out the front of my car. I can't actually recall swearing but I must have done because Jaco

      • Sick Of Being Sick!

        Yesterday was the Infants Xmas Play so we watched Jacob doing his reindeer rendition and singing various Xmas songs. All the year ones were just part of the chorus so they had to sit still for quite a while as the play went on around them. Jacob was very well behaved for the whole play, apart

      • Jester Delivers

        Look some people will do anything to stand out! Due to the number of people delivering dinner to me, the competition has become fierce! Ian was so desperate to make his delivery a memorable one that he even dressed up! I told him he would have been memorable without the costume.....(I

      • Will You Bend My Spoon?
        My brothers will love this next bit! Yesterday I had an email from some lovely friends who told me that someone special they knew would like to talk to me. I emailed them my phone number and, lo and behold, last night I received a phone call from none other than Uri Geller! Yes, that would be THE U

      • Not Quite Logical Yet
        I am just amazed at your emails and comments! With so much positive feedback and well wishes it is impossible for me to be miserable. Thank you all so much. Yesterday was a very special day for me. Since Bannatynes opened, Lorna and I have always had a quarterly launch for the latest BodyPump relea

      • 12/09/07

      • Naughty Boy Jacob!
        I had a ‘first’ yesterday. After having three children in school for quite a while now, I have never been called in to discuss their behaviour at any time. Generally, all three have obligingly got on with the rules and regulations of the school environment very well. Unfortunately, my five year old

      • Nutritional Content Of A Reindeer
        Hello all,
        I have not posted for a couple of days because I have been busy.....shopping and eating chocolate reindeers! Have now done all my Xmas shopping and it was Ali's birthday yesterday - I can't believe she is 11!

        I went to see a nutritionist this morning. Her name i

      • Transport Home From Hospital

        After my less than favourable experience at the local hospital the NHS thought they should try to make my transport home a little more comfortable. Whilst I was reasonably happy with the limousine itself, I was quite disappointed that the mini-bar only had a half bottle of Moet and som

      • Listen to my music

      • 12/02/07

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