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      • Not Enough For A Snowman!

        If you look closely enough at this picture of Jacob and his friend Rachael you will see the snow! Easter here was VERY cold with several small dismal attempts at a snowfall but it didn't settle. My weekend was brightened up by the appearance of the largest chocolate bunny you have

      • Happy Easter To You!
        Has the World Events Planner read the wrong version of the Bible? Could there be any other explanation as to why Easter is this early? And I have just seen the weather forecast which is looking pretty horrible so it wonít be conducive to little bunnies hopping around in the garden on Easter Egg hunt

      • 03/13/08

      • Cocoa Overload

        We couldn't crack the reindeer last night because we were all too busy but pester power resulted in the demise of poor Ralph Reindeer today! The big event has resulted in tears and manic behaviour. I am trying to peel Ali and Tess off the ceiling as the sugar overdose has had rath

      • 03/09/08

      • Flathead, Bald head or Fishface?
        I have yet to test my baldness on the unsuspecting public but I couldnít resist trying it out yesterday. I was in the front room sorting out the pile of washing that I deliberately avoided on Sunday (Motherís Day) when I saw a young man in a smart suit heading for my front door. He had a satchel typ

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