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      • 02/28/08

      • Are You Eating Your Broccoli?
        I didn’t tell you about how hospitable my body has become. I think I am naturally a generous person but my body has now officially become the ‘hostess with the mostess’. First it provides a welcoming home, it would seem, to a tumour the size of a nectarine…. And then next my body decides to host ano

      • Brunettes Have More Fun!
        Wow! What a busy weekend! And such amazing weather. Yes, just like you lot down under we had fabulous blue skies and sunshine for both days. Unlike down under our maximum temp was about 5 degrees I think, but who’s complaining! My weekend got off to a great start with a quick trip to a large hardwar

      • Love Is In The Air!
        I am sick. A bad head cold which is quite miserable and keeping me confined to the house because if I get a temperature I have to go to A and E due to my white blood cell count being wiped out. There is no way I am spending any more time in that hospital than necessary so I am resting and eating loa

      • Sink or Swim?
        Hello all! I haven’t written much because I have been out being ‘normal’. Went for a few walks and met some friends and it was extra lovely to be out of my house socializing. Something fantastic has just happened in my next door neighbour’s garden. Wendy and her family are all avid swimmers and spen

      • 02/06/08

      • Check Your Pancakes For Lumps
        I love the jokes! Also like the songs, thanks Positive Thinking Dresser Upper (aka Lorna methinks!), particularly the Crowded House one. And thank you all for the useful links so many of you put in your comments on the last post. (Uncle Philip is looking even more Australian, Michelle – great photo!

      • 02/04/08

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