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      • To Be Or Not To Be.....Brunette or Blonde?
        I think these photos speak for themselves....

        I had to tie the scarf on to squash the hair down a bit as I'm not used to having so much hair.....I have just ordered another blonde one and then I will choose a different look for every day. I will post my 'Carribean

      • It's Cold Up Here!
        I can see what’s happening here…..I am going to get the blame for Lorna’s transformation from ‘demure, quiet, shy young lady’ to (in the words of Janet)…’a raver’! I know it! But like you rightly say Lorna – ‘it’s all in the dressing up daaaarrrrlllling!’ Give us a costume and we’ll rise to the occ

      • Bad Hair Day
        Oh you do make me laugh…..yes, Lisa you are right. There is an upside to every situation and borrowing Lorna’s cowboy hat just might be the answer here. I was not at all pleased to see that several more handfuls of hair came out again today. It will all be gone in a few days. I’m not just talking ha

      • You Are All Mad!
        I am very reluctant to add another entry because I am so enjoying the parallel conversations and subtext from all of you!!! Who are these mystery people commenting on the weather, one wonders?
        Hey Janet, I have my very own companion set and I don’t use it to stoke the wood fire! Remember that

      • Successful Fundraiser!
        Bannatyne's was buzzing yesterday with many full classes in the aerobic marathon and a fantastic auction. Thank you to all of you who came - and special thanks for Lorna who spent so much time organising it! There were some great auction lots and I tried to bid for a sporty mercedies for the we

      • Anyone For A Dip?
        Cancel ALL Sunday plans! Forget the roast and don’t buy the newspapers…you will be too busy. The Breast Cancer Fundraiser is going to be AMAZING so get yourself down to Bannatyne’s. Especially be there at 5.30pm for the auction – you will not believe the auction lots….THE LATEST ONE…..


      • Turn the Heating Down Please
        Thank you Janet for your comments, it certainly is a worry I think. Lisa and Jill….you know I have always secretly been in awe of our scouser friend…..I WANT TO BE ONE!!! Watch out for my orange tan when you see me on Sunday!

        I feel better today. Went for a little walk then tonight I did

      • 01/16/08

      • Breast Cancer Fundraiser
        I am still working on my 'global fundraiser' but meantime Lorna and the Bannatyne's team have been busy organising a fabulous fundraiser for the Lavender Trust - a branch of Breast Cancer Care aimed at younger women.

        IT IS THIS SUNDAY!!!!!! It is a fabulous aerobic maratho

      • 01/14/08

      • Some Days To Forget
        Hello to you all. As you will have guessed I was destined to have my meeting with the bucket and it was a rather long and painful affair. No more details necessary, but my GP did come to the rescue after 24 hours of vomiting with an injection which lessened the ordeal. Have just felt sick the past

      • Day 1, Chemo Cycle 1
        I just logged on and read all your comments on my last post. How lovely to hear from you all! It’s great reading all your posts and imagining you going about your lives wherever you are. Thank you!

        Well, much to my incredible amazement it is now 3 hours post chemo and I am sitting up and

      • St Lucia Sunshine

        No time to say much tonight. We got in at 6.30am and have been trying to catch up all day as tomorrow at 9.00 I am in hospital for the first chemo. Hopefully the pictures will tell you about our holiday. It was lovely. Lots of sun and swimming. Way too much eating and drinking but I wa

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